How to cleanse the kidneys and bladder

How to cleanse the kidneys and bladder

Cleansing the kidneys and bladder is a good practice to prepare the body to welcome the cold season with more strength and energy.

How to cleanse the kidneys and bladder

Cleanse the kidneys and bladder

Autumn begins and it is time to support the body in the best possible way to face the winter , the cold, the sudden changes in temperature, the viral and bacterial attacks.

We use this transitional season to prepare the soil for well-being , as in nature it is time for harvesting and plowing to prepare the land for the new planting season.

We therefore purify the kidneys and bladder to recharge the batteries and accumulate new and vital energy to face the cold season .

The liquids of our body need a deep recycling after the summer heat, the excretory organs such as the kidneys have been subjected to hard work and now need to be purified from all the toxins that have filtered and the bladder , deputy to the exchange with the external, it must work perfectly.

Let’s start naturally from the diet : fried foods, grilled meats, red meats, acidifying foods must be eliminated, and prefer green fruits and vegetables rich in chlorophyll.

In particular, these foods can help us cleanse the kidneys:

watermelon : increases the volume of urine with an increase in the expulsion of waste . It is also an important source of  potassium , which helps cleanse the kidneys of toxicity;

> wheat grass : it is rich in alkaline minerals, its juice, obtained with a cold extractor, allows you to detoxify the kidneys from heavy metals ;

> chlorella algae : rich in chlorophyll , chlorella is a powerful purifier of the organism . It acts as a chelator by absorbing heavy metals, making them water-soluble and eliminable through the urine. Chlorella is also particularly suitable for smokers , because it is able to eliminate polluting residues;

Let’s see what other strategies to adopt for the renewal of fluids by helping us with herbal remedies or phytocomplexes ready for use.

Low-sodium water

I know it is trivial to say that you have to drink, but after the summer it is not so obvious to remember it .

In fact, when it is hot, drinking water is an urgent need that makes itself felt “in the mouth”, dry jaws, the desire for something fresh are easy to take calls.

On the other hand, when the grip of heat leaves its grip, it is easy to forget to drink water except at meals and the recirculation of fluids slows down , with a higher concentration of toxins.

On the other hand, it is important to do some kidney and bladder cleansing cycles by drinking water with a low level of sodium, to avoid water retention .

Even the diet during the purification periods should be low in salt , perhaps preferring some spices to flavor the dishes.

We can then enrich the water we drink with some herbal remedies whose properties are precisely those of promoting diuresis , increasing the volume of urine, disinfecting the uric tract, enriching the bacterial flora, cleaning the kidney filters.


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