How to burn more in the summer?

How to burn more in the summer?

Summer is the best time to lose weight: there are lots of outdoor activities and the warm season pushes people to go out more often, even if just for a short walk.

The heat induces you to eat more hydrated foods, the sun increases the availability of vitamin D, you eat less. All of these things cause many to lose a couple of pounds or more without doing anything.

But, what if we wanted to aim to burn more?
Why are we already on a diet or do we not want to diet?
Here are my tips for burning more in the summer.

How to burn more in the summer?
The 10 moves to burn more calories.

  1. Walk an extra thirty minutes a day like this : you’re part of the commute to work and back on foot, and spend half your lunch break walking, or just ten minutes.
  2. Do exercise bikes, steppers or treadmills while watching TV . Use a pedal board like this : it is a minimally invasive and simple tool for burning calories sitting on the sofa.
  3. Take care of the garden or do a deeper cleaning once a week , singing out loud (yes, I know, it sounds idiotic, but it makes you burn more), otherwise wash the car yourself, clean the garage, renovate the furniture.
  4. Go by bike or take advantage of the good weather to go out on foot whenever you can.
  5. Swim or when the weather is cloudy or windy, go hiking outdoors.
  6. Indulge in picnics and simpler packed lunches by the sea or in the open air.
    No rice sandwiches and salads. Ok hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, bresaola and lean cold cuts.
  7. Take the stairs whenever you can.
  8. If you don’t like swimming in the sea, take walks in the water to improve your microcirculation.
  9. Learn to dance or swim: in the summer these are two things you need. Laziness banned.
  10. Carrying heavy objects or bags and walking with an animal burns calories.
    Back from the shopping on foot, offer yourself with the neighbor who has sciatica pain to take her dog for a walk or down the garbage or on the shopping.

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