How to avoid the yo-yo effect in diets

How to avoid the yo-yo effect in diets

If you have lost weight at least once and then you have regained weight and then you have regained weight and then you are regaining weight and then… here, this article is for you.
In fact, it means that despite your best efforts, a little yo-yo effect or floating weight is a curse that has fallen on your heads as well as on that of many humans.

Yo-yo effect: why does it hurt?

The yo-yo effect is never a good thing, especially when we talk about important weight fluctuations: in fact it is linked to a greater risk of health problems, and over time leads to negative changes in body composition.
Translated in plain English : fat mass increases, lean mass decreases.

And this means that the yo-yo effect reduces the basal metabolic rate, therefore it has a negative effect on the metabolism .

In addition, I’ll explain two or three things about the yo-yo effect  that you may not know about.


    • Every diet is a stress and every diet following the first one, because maybe we have already gained weight once, it loses more and more of its effectiveness. This happens precisely because the metabolism in the meantime has lowered. So when you don’t lose weight like it once did, the answer is all in the metabolism.
    • So stay away from drastic diets , those that eliminate certain categories of foods or diets that are too rigid: as soon as you lose weight, your body asks for more fats and sugars in the days and even in the following months In short, if you give in and fail, it is a biological question. And head.
    • If you gain weight after the diet , the fault lies with the diet , which taught you nothing, with a non-existent maintenance phase and partly your fault for choosing the wrong diet.
    • To avoid the yo-yo effect,  you have to eliminate the concept of “going on a diet”.
      You don’t have to get fat and then go on a diet for a while and when you lose weight don’t give a damn.
      You have to adopt proper nutrition for life, and proper nutrition is always moderate.If you ate dinner with friends, you stick to the table the next day. If you don’t care, and repeat this thing over the months and then over the years, you get fat. Multiply this attitude by thirty times and you’ve already earned a bounty!

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