How not to gain weight on vacation according to dr. Calabrese

How not to gain weight on vacation according to dr. Calabrese

How not to get fat on vacation?

Doctor Giorgio Calabrese , dietician of national and international fame, often writes in newspapers and newspapers giving us useful tips for a healthy diet. And in Natural Style magazine , he tackles the problem of how not to get fat on vacation while enjoying the holidays with some exceptions to the rule. In this article, we report some of her tips from him, because they are really useful.

First of all, going on vacation often coincides with the discovery of a few extra pounds on our return.
Since traveling, between water retention and changes in the bacterial flora, we can be more swollen or constipated, I recommend that you wait two or three days before going on a diet.

If we want to play in advance and avoid any convenient, here are the advice of Dr. Calabrese.


    1. Focus on breakfast.

      On vacation it is useful to take time to have a good breakfast, whose calories on the one hand we burn more easily during the rest of the day, but which above all is an advantage to avoid excessive snacks before lunch.
      Those who do not have to do intense activities on vacation can opt for yogurt with muesli or, alternatively, with a slice of bread and jam.
      Those who take advantage of the holiday to walk for a long time, do sports such as hiking or cycling or swimming can add little fat, which allows them to continue in their sporting activity without treacherous hunger pangs. For example, a thin layer of butter on bread.

    2. Eat according to your degree of activity.

      If on vacation you choose to relax, swim a little, walk a little, but enjoy the sun, make a legitimate choice that leads you to consume fewer calories. If, on the other hand, you commit your holiday with sports or physical activities that lead you to burn more energy, you can give yourself something more.
      For example, explains the professor, one hour of water sports burns 400 calories (the equivalent of a nice ice cream cone with cream or cream), one hour of trekking burns up to 600 calories (a slice of a more caloric sweet).
      So try to set your nutrition according to what you do.
      On the other hand, if you aim for total relaxation, for lunch it is better a mixed salad with vegetables plus cheese or eggs, a fruit and wholemeal bread (one slice). Or a small portion of carbohydrates from pasta or rice followed by lean meat or fish. For dinner, vegetables and meat or fish, or vegetable cream and second course of meat or fish or a little cheese.
      This light basic pattern will also allow you to go awry with a little guilt-free ice cream.

    3. Combat dehydration this way .

      On the other hand, if the heat and the heat make you lose your appetite, have some snacks of dried fruit, raw carrots or yogurt and try to eat little but more frequently. On the one hand this avoids slowing down your metabolism, on the other hand, especially in the case of yogurt and raw vegetables or fruit, it helps to keep you hydrated.

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