Horizon Forbidden West will make you masters of mounts but how do you get them and how do you control them? Simple follow this guide.

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is undoubtedly vast and the developers of Guerrilla Games certainly did not expect Aloy to walk far and wide without having adequate support and here we discover the mounts together: comfortable and practical to tackle any terrain. , as we want to learn more in this guide!

There are machines that we can ride and other flying machines with which to sail the skies: to do this you will need to have unlocked the Override ability and simply holding down and you will have the “mechanical beast” in your hand.

Attention, the guide contains spoilers about what are the mounts of Horizon Forbidden West, so proceed carefully.

There are four different mounts obtainable in the game and unfortunately they are not quite the largest you will encounter: on the contrary, in Horizon Forbidden West the smallest beasts will be your adventure companions while the largest will be your bitter enemies.

Specifically, the four mounts are called Ferrariete (and it will be the first you can control), the Scavazanna , the Squarciavento and finally the Solcasole will be the machines you will be looking for to make them your adventure companions.

Horizon Forbidden West PC

How to get mounts

During the fourth mission of the main story called “the embassy” you will find yourself with a secondary mission that will ask you to capture a Ferrariete and perform an Override on him: if you do not want to do it at that moment, no problem , remember that you will be able to access this option at any time just look for a creature icon on the map and perform the Override as shown below:

  • Sneak up on the creature you want to conquer (ideally behind you and quietly so that it doesn’t know you are there) and when you are close enough start everything with a triangle.

Picking up your first mechanical beast of burden will unlock the “Call of the Mount” option which, by pressing the down arrow after selecting the right command, will allow you to call your beast. Press square to get on or off the horse, cross to accelerate when riding, circle to slow down or brake, R1 for a light attack, R2 for a heavy attack.

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