Let’s find out in this guide to materials and crafting of Horizon Forbidden West all the details about what is present in the game.

In this Horizon Forbidden West materials and crafting guide  , avoiding spoilers about Aloy ‘s new experience , at least in the first part, we want to give you some small pills to optimize your searches and not get lost in the wonderful universe of this title.

Here are the details on Horizon Forbidden West materials and crafting in this guide

Within this new fantastic adventure, players will find themselves faced with an infinity of materials, the term infinity is not casual but deliberately put, because we are actually talking about many objects scattered throughout the game. Precisely for this reason you should not be scared if we tell you that a good part of the time can be spent in crafting useful materials to use them in recipes and in enhancing your arsenal.

Fortunately , some of these recipes will be managed directly from Aloy’s inventory , such as survival kits or arrows, while all the rest will be managed through the various workbenches around the world.

The most beautiful thing that has been introduced in this second chapter (I would also say almost mandatory given the vastness of activities to be done in-game) is being able to baptize the missing pieces as a target , for example if you need plow horns, you can mark it as aim so that you always have in mind the object you want to find to improve your favorite weapon.

Horizon Forbidden West

Do not underestimate the hunting of animals and fish, because you will need them to enhance Aloy’s bag, through the Green Light , while through the various “machine” pieces you can improve your equipment to find your best settings for each type of game session. . If you can’t tackle a certain game area, also consider spending some money from the merchants to get the necessary equipment and overcome the obstacles that will come your way.

Before leaving you, we take the opportunity to refer you to our review of Horizon Forbidden West , in which we have deepened all the details about the new work of Guerrilla Games, you can consult it by accessing this link .

As for all the news, guides, and articles in general about the new open world, we refer you to our dedicated game sheet, which you can find here .

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