High blood pressure and dizziness: what to avoid

High blood pressure and dizziness: what to avoid

Training yes, but with the lungs and heart itself at heart. It seems like a play on words, but when the pressure is high the whole organism suffers and manifests it with dizziness and various pains. What not to do in case of high blood pressure

High blood pressure and dizziness: what to avoid

Training conducted without criteria, an unregulated and completely balanced diet and an unconscious emotional management: these are the 3 factors that negatively affect the health of those who already suffer from high blood pressure and, consequently, dizziness .

High blood pressure and dizziness: what to avoid in training 

High blood pressure, if not treated properly, can lead to coronary problems, kidney or heart failure, coronary heart disease; doing moderate physical activity every day is ideal to avoid significant deviations in blood pressure values.

There is nothing more wrong than a workout that overloads the heart , causing disturbances to the entire cardiovascular system.

In case of dizziness and dizziness, excessive redness of the face or pain in the lower limbs it is necessary to stop training immediately.

During the training phase it is important to calibrate the weight to be lifted , not to do something beyond one’s capabilities; the phase of reducing pressure and stretching the muscles is essential: take time to cool down.

If you run in the gym, do not overdo the treadmill (set to the correct incline and speed) and exercise bikes with the trunk arranged in the right way. On the stepper and elliptical trainer you do not need to leverage your hands, but keep them supported only for a matter of balance. 

It is very important not to go into a state of dehydration , so you need to drink before training and after and it is better not to overdo it with energy bars that cause a significant rise in blood sugar. 

Running: the benefits for the heart

High blood pressure and dizziness: mistakes at the table 

Sodium is the enemy of pressure and using it extensively through table salt increases water retention, creating an inflammatory state that affects the whole organism; best to replace salt with spices whenever possible.

Even foods that “ignite” real fires in our body, such as starchy products and sweets , do not help; cured meats and packaged meat further increase the pressure, as does the consumption of dairy products and dairy products and derivatives.

It is also very wrong to think of fasting without criteria : certainly not eating foods that involve a lot of the digestive system is only good, but skipping meals without a criterion is not good for the heart at all. Much better to try to follow the dictates of low-sodium diets and designed to combat hypertension, such as the DASH diet which, in summary, drastically reduces the consumption of leavened products and the yeast itself, cereals, seasoned foods, monosodium glutamate and some antacids.

Finally, also pay attention to ready-made soups : you seem to save time, but you are not benefiting your health in the case of products that already contain salt at the start and in not exactly small quantities.

Do not overdo alcoholic beverages and absolutely avoid sugary ones ; try to drink water and also flavor it with lemon , which quenches thirst and nourishes you with vitamins.

High blood pressure, dizziness and emotional management 

When worries grip the mind , the heart also suffers , which goes into a real state of oppression . This is why it is important to find your own relief valve, your own neutral inner corner.

You should also not try to control your emotions at all costs, as excessive control anxiety causes the heart to suffer considerably.

An energy aimed too much at controlling one’s emotions and the reactions of others generates a continuous state of alert with consequent chronic contraction of the peripheral arterioles : consequently the blood flows worse and the heart tends to develop higher pressure.

You can do a good job of emotional management with respect to hypertension especially with regard to fear , the fear of letting go, of being moved, of coming into contact with one’s inner world.

Only by looking for these doors of access, however, can one find one’s talents and making them available to others means carrying out our task on this earth, safeguarding one’s energies, but not being overly jealous of them. 

High blood pressure: what to do?

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