Chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

Chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disabling disease, not always easily diagnosed that can lead to very serious forms of depression and sometimes even be confused with a form of depression.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

Chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is defined  as ” a disorder characterized by chronic fatigue persisting for at least 6 months “.

This disease mainly affects women and there are an estimated 300,000 cases in Italy. It is a very serious, debilitating disease that completely changes the lifestyle of those afflicted with it .

The fatigue that undergoes every strength and intention is such as to force us to limit or even abandon work , the main source of dignity of the human being.

Chronic fatigue is not alleviated even with sleep and rest, and is accompanied by very serious symptoms:

> lack of memory;
> difficulty concentrating;
sore throat ;
> swelling and pain of the axillary and cervical lymph nodes;
joint and muscle pain .

Diagnosis is often made by exclusion , looking for pathologies related to symptoms that can belong to many other forms of disorder.

A much more technical definition, myalgic encephalomyelitis , has been coined precisely to give its authority to the disease and frame it with greater precision , which “circumscribes” the causes to inflammation or imbalances of the brain myelin , with painful muscle and joint manifestations.

The causes are still to be investigated , some of them are hypothesized of a hormonal nature , of a genetic nature, or even of an infectious nature, but there is still no real answer.



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