Hemorrhoids: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Hemorrhoids: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Hemorrhoids, internal or external, occur when the hemorrhoidal veins dilate and form varices. They can depend on both physical and psychological factors. What problems do they involve, what are the symptoms, causes and treatments.


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Hemorrhoids are dilations of the vascular network that embraces the anal canal, with a tendency to prolapse and hemorrhages. They can be due to constipation or pregnancy, but stress is also very important. Let’s find out better how to cure them.

  • What are hemorrhoids
  • Symptoms of hemorrhoids
  • Classification of hemorrhoids
  • How long do hemorrhoids last
  • Hemorrhoids in children
  • Treating hemorrhoids with nutrition
  • Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hemorrhoids
  • Aromatherapy for hemorrhoids
  • Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids
  • Exercises to prevent hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are dilated blood vessels that can occur in the lower part of the rectum and anus. Those that form above the anorectal junction are considered internal hemorrhoids , below that junction are external hemorrhoids .

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

About 40% of Italians are affected by hemorrhoids , both internal (when they are inside the anal canal and are not visible) and external (if visible and recognizable to the touch).

Symptoms can be very complex : bleeding hemorrhoids, pain, edema, congestion, prolapse, anal irritation, mucus-serous discharge, sensation of anal discomfort.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can depend on causes of a different nature, physical but also psychological. Among the most common, we list:

  • constipation of considerable degree 
  • pregnancy _
  • hormonal changes
  • psychic stress
  • the smoke
  • incorrect diet (excessive consumption of fried foods, chilli, chocolate, alcohol).

Classification of hemorrhoids

The classification of hemorrhoids is divided into 4 degrees, depending on the extent of the prolapse:

  • first degree hemorrhoids are internal varicose dilations that produce no symptoms ;
  • second degree hemorrhoids are nodules that prolapse during defecation but shrink spontaneously;
  • in the third stage , it is necessary to intervene manually to re-establish the conditions that preceded the prolapse;
  • in the fourth stage the protrusions are permanent .

How long do hemorrhoids last

The times of remission from haemorrhoidal symptoms vary from case to case , according to the degree of the pathology, the subjective conditions and some behavioral habits.

In relation to their classification we can give some standard time indications: in the case of hemorrhoids in the first or second stage it can take from 2 to 4 weeks for a total remission

The third and fourth stage may require surgery if with episodes of hemorrhoidal thrombosis and consequently the times are linked to the post-operative course.

Hemorrhoids in children

It can happen that children suffer from external hemorrhoids . It is generally attributable to constipation phenomena and a diet that is still poorly structured in complete nutrients. It is important to intervene immediately to avoid their trauma, especially if bleeding hemorrhoids: ointments for soothing and healing hemorrhoids, drink plenty of water, consume fiber and vegetables to facilitate intestinal transit.

It is important to avoid that they spend too much time in the bathroom and strain, this could in fact trigger a vicious circle with difficulty in defecation, fear of pain, constipation.

Treating hemorrhoids with nutrition

With hemorrhoids it is important that the intestine is not congested but that it has a regular bowel movement with not too hard stools.

The diet must therefore be rich in fiber to facilitate intestinal transit. The supply of vitamins A, B, C, E and zinc is important to maintain a good integrity of the venous walls which become more fragile in hemorrhoids.

A natural and varied diet with whole grains, legumes, seasonal fruit and vegetables has all the nutrients useful in hemorrhoids, reducing on the other hand foods such as refined foods, milk and derivatives, sausages, sugars and fats of animal origin

It is also preferable to enrich it with foods that promote circulation such as red fruits: cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

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Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids

The herbal remedies used for hemorrhoids are herbs and medicinal plants, which act as on the circulatory system with astringent, anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective action. 

  • Aloe vera , thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory action, helps relieve the ailments related to hemorrhoids. In fact, an anti-inflammatory action is attributed to the aloe gel and its healing properties are recognized. Aloe  gel can therefore be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the early stages thanks to its ability to heal damaged skin. In addition, the aloe gel has a soothing action , calms inflammation, relieves pain and relieves itching. 
  • Horse chestnut ( Aesculus hippocastanum ) the seeds and the bark have anti-edema and vasoconstrictive properties, capable of reducing the activity of elastase and hyaluronidase, two enzymes that attack the endothelium of the vessels and the extracellular matrix, weakening their structure. By reducing the activity of these enzymes, the vessels regain their normal resistance and permeability. The  horse chestnut bud extract  ( Aesculus hippocastanum ) is also very powerful ;
  • Red vine : ( Vitis Vinifera ) is indicated in all forms of varicose veins, phlebitis, capillary fragility, couperose, edema, hemorrhoids, cellulite, water retention, blood stasis and heaviness in the lower limbs. The active ingredients contained in the leaves have an intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, but above all a tonic and vasoprotective activity, directed to the circulatory system, where they positively influence the vascular permeability, preventing edema and swelling; 
  • Witch hazel ( Hamamelis virgianana ) the leaves and the bark have vasoprotective and toning properties of the venous walls compromised during inflammation. For this reason the plant is considered an effective remedy in the treatment of circulatory system disorders where an astringent action is required, such as phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, capillary fragility, dilated capillaries, tendency to bruise, cellulite; 
  • Centella : ( Centella asiatica the leaves, thanks to their phlebotonic activity, preserve the structure and tone of the vessel walls. In fact, by reinforcing and elasticizing the walls of the blood vessels, the plant promotes correct peripheral circulation and is therefore suitable for preventing and treat varicose veins, reducing the dilation of the veins, capillary permeability and subcutaneous edema. Consequently it is useful for treating venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids and microangiopathy caused by diabetes.



Bach flowers for hemorrhoids

Bach flowers can be used for the treatment of hemorrhoids , in particular the cream version of the Rescue Remedy , applied on site. The composition of the 39th remedy was formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, for all the traumas and shocks that can be encountered. Among the flowers that make up the Rescue, Star of Bethlehem is the one indicated for trauma, accidents, wounds and states of shock. 


This disorder, from a psychosomatic point of view, corresponds to the rupture of a balance in the emotional sphere which in some people translates into a rupture, a prolapse of the vessels in the rectum. 


For this reason the personalized blends must be composed, with respect to the emotional state and the experience of the person; and choices with respect to the individual’s reaction to these situations and not just the symptom.



Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hemorrhoids

Traditional  Chinese medicine identifies the causes of hemorrhoids in a  stasis of the digestive system  and in an alteration of the circulatory system.  Important points to rebalance the body, mitigate itching, edema and possible bleeding are:

  • CHANG QIANG  (between the tip of the coccyx and the anus), tones the vacuum conditions of Yin, the Lower Heater and the Kidneys, regulates the Small Intestine and the Large Intestine;
  • CHENG SHAN  (halfway between the popliteal fold and the external malleolus), tones the Spleen and Liver, eliminates humidity and purifies the heat;
  • DA CHANG SHU  (1.5  cun  to the side of the spinous process of the 4th lumbar vertebra), mobilizes the energy of the Large Intestine, tones the lumbar area and knees. 


Aromatherapy for hemorrhoids

Essential oils are used in the topical treatment of hemorrhoids to help decongest the vessels and restore circulatory function.


The dilution of the essences is in 2 drops mixed in a little aloe. It is necessary to massage locally, in order to take advantage of its anti-inflammatory and healing action, even in the presence of wounds or fissures. 

  • Cypress essential oil : it has an anti-inflammatory and astringent action on blood vessels and is used in the case of inflamed and everted hemorrhoids.
  • Mint essential oil : it has a refreshing and anti-inflammatory action on the circulatory system, useful for decongesting blood vessels. Furthermore, due to its anti-itching properties, it is effectively used as a remedy for hemorrhoids, ulcers, herpes zoster and dermatosis.
  • Lemon essential oil : used in the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids for the toning action of the circulatory system. The essence stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation, strengthens blood vessels and thins the blood. Thanks to these properties, it is an effective remedy against ailments due to poor circulation. 


Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids

Homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids  differs according to the degree of severity of the hemorrhoids and the symptoms accompanying the disorder.


In the event of a haemorrhoidal crisis,  Aesculus hippocastanum 5 CH  (5 granules, as needed) and Aloe 5 CH (5 granules, 3 times a day) are useful, suitable for “cluster” hemorrhoids, with burning and itching. For pain the homeopathic remedy is  Arnica 5 CH (5 granules, every hour) and  Lachesis 9 CH (5 granules, every hour).    


For bleeding,  Collinsonia 5 CH  (5 granules, 3 times a day). Relapsing hemorrhoids are treated with  Nux vomica 9 CH  (5 granules, 3 times a day),  Sepia 9 CH  (5 granules, 1 time a day), especially in the case of constipation and prolapse, aggravated during pregnancy and after childbirth. Sulfur 5 CH  (5 granules, 1-3 times a day) relieves the sensations of burning, heat and itching.


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Exercises to prevent hemorrhoids

Sedentary lifestyle, overexertion, prolonged standing are factors that can trigger or aggravate haemorrhoidal disorders. To prevent hemorrhoids it is therefore very important to lead a dynamic life , exercising regularly and avoiding smoking and alcohol.


Walking or gentle gymnastics is essential to improve body functions while strengthening the pelvic region. Any physical effort that is too intense must be absolutely avoided. For faster healing, wash with warm water and acidic soap (pH 4-5).


In general, careful personal hygiene not only prevents hemorrhoids but also other very annoying diseases, such as anal fissures or fistulas. The choice of underwear is also very important: permeable fabrics such as cotton are preferred, which allows the skin to breathe and avoids stagnation of heat and humidity.

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