Healthy breakfast with Greek yogurt (but watch out for the labels)

Healthy breakfast with Greek yogurt (but watch out for the labels)

Whenever someone asks me how to have a healthy , dietary but satiating breakfast, I always recommend starting the day, if the food is well tolerated, with Greek yogurt, normal or lactose-free (or alternatively some smoothie cottage cheese, so as to reduce them to cream, or light ricotta, or skyr or quark cheese). The reason is simple: Greek yogurt has a good supply of proteins that induce a rapid sense of satiety , moreover it is a more digestible food than normal yogurt because it contains less lactose. It is well tolerated even for those with intestinal fermentation problems, because compared to normal yogurt it has less sugar (having less lactose). Obviously it is not the only food to be included at breakfast, it must always be balanced with low fat and a small amount of carbohydrates as we will see in the examples below.
From a caloric point of view, it often has fewer calories and more volume yield than a traditional plain yogurt. 

However, there are many types of Greek yogurt on the market , and some of them are not at all suitable for a healthy breakfast or a healthy snack.

Greek yogurt ideal for a healthy breakfast, but also as a hunger breaker, so in mid-afternoon, it must be white . We can eat it skimmed or whole depending on how much fat and calories we can take in our diet: the whole one is undoubtedly more satisfying and digestible and provides about 160 calories. The skimmed one is about 80-100 calories for a pack of 150-170 grams. What do I mean by plain yogurt?
I mean without any added flavor: no vanilla, coffee, fruit variants. 
Yogurts that are not natural white have about 15-20 grams of extra sugar, even if they are low-fat and low-calorie.

The best solution is always to “customize” the Greek yogurt yourself, for example with stevia or another calorie-free sweetener to sweeten it (erythrol or birch xylitol is also good if you tolerate polyols : if you suffer from intestinal fermentation problems, it is better to stevia), bitter cocoa, grated coconut, cinnamon to add flavor, a teaspoon of almond or hazelnut butter (if the Greek yogurt is not whole) or chopped almonds or walnuts to add fat, and two tablespoons of oat flakes or other sugar-free cereal or alternatively 100 g of fruit of your choice.
In this way we can make healthy breakfast variations on our own, and we can also prepare quick sweets for breakfast. For example, the yoghurt tiramisu which includes one or two rusks soaked in unsweetened apple juice or decaffeinated coffee with sweetener at the base of a bowl, and on top of Greek yogurt sweetened with sweetener and a sprinkling of bitter cocoa. Or the greedy wasamisu , of which I give you a recipe here .

Nutritionist Manuela Mapelli in this post taken from Io Mangio Konsapevole  offers us other healthy breakfast alternatives with Greek yogurt , for example:
– fantasy yogurt with white Greek yogurt, pears and dark chocolate
– fantasy yogurt with whole grains (more spices and flavor to taste)
– yogurt cream with half a banana and white Greek
yogurt – fancy yogurt with half an apple cut into pieces, or grated, or cooked, plus cinnamon.

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