Happiness Tastes Health: The Healthy Eating Book

Happiness Tastes Health: The Healthy Eating Book

A book that explains how with a healthy and moderate but not restrictive diet you can have the key to longevity, health, fitness and youth, arresting oxidative stress and promoting a good psycho-physical balance: it was written by Dr. Luigi Fontana , a famous Italian doctor who has conducted studies on diets and longevity just like Dr. Walter Longo, and who has published this book, ” Happiness has the taste of health ” with the recipes of chef Vittorio Fusari.
According to Dr. Fontana, in fact, “nutrition is by far the most powerful drug that exists on the face of the earth”: however, there is no culture of healthy eating and the search for healthy and quality food.The doctor explains how it is possible, without restricting calories but focusing on healthier foods , to return to being fit and healthy with a nutritious and healthy diet, adapted to the needs of our body.

For once, the book does not recommend food supplements, but you can only cure yourself and feel better through food : you can also lose weight without counting calories, but by choosing a more natural and satiating diet thanks to the right plant foods. These dietary substitutions can, according to the doctor, not only satiate us but induce metabolic changes that make us burn energy better, thus favoring a normal body weight.
The book also talks about the dangers of unbalanced lightning diets such as high-protein diets
, or diets that in theory are healthy, such as vegetarian or vegan, but which in practice can be disadvantageous if they are improvised without giving the body all the necessary nutrients and if, on the contrary, too sugary foods are chosen.
To find out more, I refer you to the book Happiness tastes like health .

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