Hair care: the 10 most common mistakes

Hair care: the 10 most common mistakes

Having  a beautiful and flowing hair  is everyone’s desire. How much effort, however, to keep the hair always in perfect order. We asked Emotion Hair – , a leading company in hair care,   to help us identify the mistakes we often make and which can frustrate our commitment to maintaining beautiful and healthy hair:

1)     Do not comb your hair before washing it.  Who brushes their hair by untangling the knots before shampooing? Few people do it yet this technique allows you to prevent them from becoming excessively knotted with washing. So pass a wooden brush on dry hair and then wash it. Remember to comb them later only when they are dry again: you will break less and you will also have less effort.

2)     Wash your hair often.  Washing your hair daily is not a good practice. Frequent washing stimulates the excess production of sebum which makes the scalp and consequently the hair greasy. It is therefore forbidden to wash your hair every day and, if you really can’t resist the temptation, alternate the classic shampoo with a dry one that does not need to be rinsed.

3)     Only comb the ends of the hair.  Hair should be stressed as little as possible. It happens that long hair tends to brush only the tips, completely neglecting the part attached to the scalp. This is very counterproductive because massaging the scalp with a brush helps stimulate circulation and hair growth. But remember to use brushes are very delicate bristles.

4)     Rub the hair vigorously with the towel.  Only after getting out of the shower you dry your hair quickly with a towel to absorb as much water as possible. This system, however, in the long run, weakens the hair and makes it dull, dull and not very vital. To avoid all these annoying problems it is best to pat your hair gently with a towel, choosing terry or honeycomb cotton fabrics. The drying times thus lengthen considerably but the hair will acquire a better appearance.

5)     Never use conditioner on the roots.  The conditioner is often applied only on the ends to avoid weighing down the hair. In this way, however, the upper part of the hair is never sufficiently nourished and the risk is to have dull hair. From time to time apply the conditioner also on the skin, massaging it gently with the fingertips

6)     Do not use a protective before the plate . The plates and irons used to shape the hair ruin the hair. Even if you use a latest generation model with ceramic and tourmaline, it is always necessary to apply a protective spray on the hair.

7)     Use hot irons on wet hair.  To avoid burning hair follicles which are very weak when wet, it is a must to use hot equipment only on perfectly dry hair.

8)     Use the lacquer before the plate.  Never use hairspray or other modeling products before straightening. The alcohol contained in them with the heat will burn your hair with deleterious results to say the least. Therefore, it is better to model the hair as you refer to using the plate or the irons and then fix the fold obtained by spraying it on the special sprays

9)     Backcomb your hair often.  Backcombing can only be done rarely. In fact, combing them from the tips towards the skin inevitably causes the hair fiber to break. It would be better to avoid backcombing altogether but if you really can’t do without it, minimize the number of times you do it during the year.

10)   Attempt to bring the split ends together.  There are no cures or other devilry that can bring together the ends of the hair parted in half. You can prevent them from forming by avoiding too aggressive washing and using a soft dryer by reducing the use of hot irons. Another way to prevent the formation of split ends is to grease your hair from time to time, after washing and drying them, with a little sweet almond oil or a simple high quality extra virgin olive oil. 

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