Gyrotonica: what it is and what it is used for

Gyrotonica: what it is and what it is used for

Gyrotonics is a system of exercises developed by Juliu Horvath, based on the principle of Intelligent Movement according to which with the least effort we must produce the maximum strength in our organism. Let’s find out better.

>   1. Origins and description of Gyrotonics

>   2. What is Gyrotonics for

>   3. A typical session of Gyrotonics

>   4. Who can operate in Italy


Origins and description of Gyrotonica  

Gyrotonica or more precisely  GYROTONIC® , name given to the discipline by its inventor  Juliu Horvath , with a very specific meaning.

It is a compound name GYRO which indicates the circular movements of the system; and  TONIC which indicates the sound, the vibration, the tone  of our body. So: by circular movements we produce a vibration in the body that generates a sound, our own sound.

According to the Intelligent Movement system , strength is obtained through a conscious and effective use of the body.


 What is Gyrotonica for

Until a few years ago it was practiced only by professional dancers or prescribed in cases of post-operative rehabilitation, but today the Gyrotonic method is quickly establishing itself as a new wellness training . Developed in the Eighties by the former Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath , the Gyrotonic works thanks to a machine equipped with handles and weights that act as resistance during the exercises. Although it has a lot in common with Pilates, it works on more fluid and circular movements, on the muscles , on the breath to stimulate the nervous system and release any psychophysical blocks .

Thanks to this uninterrupted flow of elliptical movements, synchronized with breathing , this method is recommended in the prenatal period and in post-partum recovery , to get the abdominal area back into shape and recover the elasticity of the paravertebral muscles.


A typical session of  Gyrotonica  

By means of circular and well-calibrated movements, freedom of movement around the joints is restored. It works in depth on the ligaments and muscle attachments , increasing the functional capacity of the entire musculoskeletal system and at the same time, embracing the principles of oriental medicine , the main energy passages of the body , the joints , are reopened .

The end? From circular movements a vibration is produced in the body which is personal, corresponding to the tone of each one.


How do you become and what does a gyrotonic trainer do?


Who can operate in Italy  

The basic training path, to become a first level Trainer , lasts about a year and is divided into 5 successive stages through which the fundamental principles of the methodology are taught and in which students are accompanied throughout the apprenticeship up to the  final certification . . The method is very well organized and reflects Horvath’s pedagogy: through simplicity, we can help to understand very complex things; the movement of the human body, for example.

In addition to training courses in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis , training courses for Gyrotonic Expansion System Trainer are also active on the Italian territory.


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