Gyrotonic trainer, who he is and what he does

Gyrotonic trainer, who he is and what he does

The  Gyrotonic Trainer  knows very well the exercise system based on the principle of  Intelligent Movement : with the minimum effort we must produce the maximum strength in our organism. Let’s find out better.

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Gyrotonic Trainer


What the Gyrotonic Trainer does 

The system of exercises based on the principle of Intelligent Movement is precisely Gyrotonics or more precisely GYROTONIC®, the name given to the discipline by its inventor  Juliu Horvath , with a precise meaning. 

It is a compound name GYRO which indicates the  circular movements  of the system; and TONIC which indicates the sound, the vibration, the tone of our body. So: by circular movements we produce a vibration in the body that generates a sound, our own sound. 


Become a Gyrotonic Trainer 

The basic training path,  to become a first level Trainer in Gyro tonic , lasts about  a year  and is divided into  5 successive stages through which the fundamental principles of the methodology are taught and in which students are accompanied throughout the apprenticeship  up to to the  final certification .

The method is very well organized and reflects Horvath’s pedagogy: through simplicity, we can help to understand very complex things concerning joint physiology and body movement, as well as the awareness of inhabiting it.


You can learn more  about the benefits and contraindications of gyrotonics



The Gyrotonic Trainer in Italy and abroad  

The reference offices for Gyrotonics in Italy and abroad are:

Gyrotonic® Headquarters ,  Juliu Horvath, Founder & Educational Director,  Matt Aversa, Managing Director & Master Trainer,  134 Dingmans Ct.,  Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328. And in Germany it is the European headquarters at  Rheintalklinik Bad Krozingen.  

Throughout the world, training is divided into:

  1. Gyrotonic® Seven Progression Pre-Training. The cost of the Pre-Training is not standardized and could vary, depending on whether it is carried out in a group or in individual private sessions. Approximate price 850.00 Euro + VAT  plus any study cost;
  2. Gyrotonic® Foundation Teacher Training Course. In Europe the basic price is 1500.00 Euros + VAT plus any study costs; 
  3. 3. Gyrotonic® Certification Exam. The 3-day certification carried out by Juliu Horvath is 350.00 Euros + VAT plus any study costs; 
  4. 4. Gyrokinesis ® Training.



From circular movements a  vibration is produced in the body  which is personal, corresponding to the tone of each one.


A deep dive into gyrotonic


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