Gout, homeopathic natural remedies

Gout, homeopathic natural remedies

Gout is a disease that affects the joints and is caused by high uric acid levels . Let’s discover the homeopathic remedies to cure it.


Causes and symptoms of gout

Gout is the result of high levels of uric acid in the blood . It is an affection, initially often limited to one or a few joints, in which arthritis is produced , so-called chemical, which was once considered the consequence of abundant libations in decidedly wealthy social classes, but which was then seen to have a predominant genetic component , in which lifestyle has a marginal incidence.

Gout is almost exclusively the prerogative of the male sex , and begins between 30 and 50 years of age on average. As still tolerable values ​​of uric acid in the blood – a product of protein metabolism – 7 mg / dl in men and 6.5 mg / dl in women are considered. For values ​​equal to or greater than 9 mg / dl the risk of a gouty attack is extremely high, and for this reason – for the prevention of attacks – it is necessary to resort to appropriate pharmacological and behavioral therapies.

Gout is the consequence of a genetic predisposition, therefore, on which an excessive intake of certain foods is determined, such as game, canned products, and alcohol, as well as the repeated use of some traditional drugs (aspirin and diuretics) , or a reduced urinary excretion of uric acid often linked to intercurrent causes of impaired renal function .

The patient suffering from gout presents a typical monoarticular rthritis, often intensely painful and associated with swelling , redness and warmth of the part.

Painful episodes particularly affect the joints of the hands and feet and, in about 90% of cases, that of the big toe . In chronic forms, nodules of variable size called tophi may appear . At the renal level, gout facilitates the formation of stones, to the point of compromising their entire functionality in an advanced stage.

In traditional therapy there are treatments, this time different, both for acute states – which use some common painkillers from the NSAID group , with the exception of aspirin of course – and for chronic complications, which instead are based on the use of drugs (allopurinol) which interfere with uric acid metabolism. Obviously dietary advice to exclude certain foods, as well as alcohol , as well as to reduce body weight, will always approach the aforementioned therapies. 

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Remautisms, natural remedies

Homeopathic remedies for gout

In this section we will pause to describe the use of those homeopathic remedies most often indicated in the acute attack of gout – which is essentially, as we have already said, a monoarticular arthritis characterized by the precipitation in it of uric acid salts in the form of crystals – remedies which, if used well, are always absolutely free of side effects .  

Obviously also for this condition, as well as for all those with a chronic-relapsing trend, the finding of a remedy – or rather a sequence of homeopathic remedies – capable of acting in depth on the organism, and more precisely on the infinitesimal component that regulates it. proper functioning will be essential to prevent the recurrence of attacks and complications of the disease, but, always with a view to personalizing care , it will require a preliminary visit extended to all organs and systems, obviously including the mental sphere of the a person who plays such a role in the differentiation of care.

In the initial acute phase, therefore, where the characteristics of inflammation in the most florid phase will definitely prevail, Belladonna will be very useful : redness, swelling, heat that comes from the affected part and often beating and throbbing pain, will always be fundamental to its prescription, in any acute type of inflammation.

If the affection is instead determined slowly, also producing a certain amount of effusion , and forcing the patient to absolute immobility , up to the need to compress the part, the indicated remedy will be Bryonia , while on the contrary, in those who they cannot bear even the simplest contact of the affected part, and have a painful but essentially pale joint , we will prefer Ledum Palustre .

Finally, in those who have burning pain of the part, improved by cold applications, and arisen suddenly, which is associated with a mostly rosy complexion of the affected joint, Apis will be very useful .

Obviously it will be extremely important to identify the triggering situation at the origin of the attack , so in traumas or excessive efforts of the affected part, we will think of Arnica or Rhus tox , while in those attacks preceded by abundant libations, also washed down with excess alcoholic beverages, once again indicated will certainly be Nux Vomica .

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