Gastritis, natural anti-burning remedies

Gastritis, natural anti-burning remedies

Gastritis, especially in the acute phase, is not only painful, but also debilitating: the inflamed mucosa in fact causes a very strong heartburn , also accompanied by spasms and regularity problems, and it is necessary that both in the acute phase and in the life of a low-fat diet is followed every day to keep gastric acidity under control, having light and frequent meals that facilitate digestion as much as possible and choosing natural foods, cooked in a simple way.


A dish of pasta cooked in a very simple way, even with just a drizzle of raw oil and parmesan, or wholemeal toasted bread, are for example quick remedies to reduce heartburn, but in the life of all days it is necessary to avoid fatty and difficult to digest foods (fatty cheeses, fatty cuts of meat), try to dissociate foods (avoid, for example, multiple protein foods between them, or a mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the meal), reduce alcohol and spices.
All tricks to keep the acidity level of the gastric juices at bay. Although refined carbohydrates are not indicated in gastritis, the consumption of whole foods, rich in bran or oil seeds, is to be avoided in the acute phase, while they can be integrated little by little into the everyday diet, together with probiotics.
A protocol of the kind ” grandmother’s remedy ” for the acute phase of gastritis, is the so-called Brat diet, based on toast, apple or banana puree and white rice. You can find the three day menu here. GA


Today, however, we see the natural remedies for gastritis, which, although they are often subjective, are the most suitable for reducing the sense of burning and nausea. First of all, ginger. 
It is a spice with a very strong flavor, so I recommend not the consumption of the spice itself (but if you like it and it doesn’t give you any problems, a herbal tea based on fresh ginger can help), but the intake of dry extract, in pills .
In fact, ginger is highly recommended against heartburn, reduces the effects of fat in the diet, especially reduces nausea , which is another typical side effect of gastritis, vomiting and a swollen belly. It also has a strong antibacterial action on the mucosa.
For those who love the taste of ginger, it is possible to have an anti-gastritis herbal tea prepared in herbal medicine , to be used after the acute phase, to defuse the gastric mucosa, based on ginger and asafoetida powder. The flavor is a little strong, and you can add some honey to make it more palatable, but it is very effective.
An acute remedyis to drink a glass of fresh (not iced) water in small sips, with one or two teaspoons of honey or sugar or drink some simple chamomile tea during the day. In the non-acute phase , naturally mineralizing drinks, based on magnesium and potassium, and alkalizing are very good: for example, coconut water is a real cure-all, but also an alkalizing product such as Basenpulver, based on carbonates.

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