Foods that make you lose weight: do they exist?

Foods that make you lose weight: do they exist?

The answer is simple and D says: the foods that make you lose weight more than others exist , and if with a few healthy precautions we increased our diet with these foods we would have some effect on the absorption of nutrients and on the metabolism.
A colossal hoax that turns around is that of foods with negative calories, that is, foods that make you lose weight in themselves. Foods with low or zero calories that would allow you to burn so much that they have a negative balance on your calorie intake. Now, no food in nature that you can consume on its own can lead you to lose weight because it has negative calories. Negative calories don’t actually exist.

The foods that allow you to burn a little more or that have a particular effect on some nutrients , for example fat, reducing them, are there, but even here, it is not that we have to cling to the miracle. I can already see you binging yourself hoping that eating spicy all day, dipping the brioche in chilli pepper, will allow you to burn more without giving you an ulcer. But if we do things wisely, we can be able to give an intelligent boost to our metabolism . In short, here is the famous list of foods that make you lose weight.

Foods that make you lose weight: a list

1) Coffee: I know, I say the obvious, but caffeine acts on the metabolism and improves liver health. Nicotine also affects the metabolism, don’t you want to start smoking because of it?
2) Green tea : Like coffee, it has zero calories and contains catechin, a substance capable of accelerating metabolism. Each type of tea speeds up the metabolism, a bit like coffee.
I know, the wind of obviousness is combing our hair this morning, but what are you going to do?

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