Food for weight loss: a practical and easy guide

Food for weight loss: a practical and easy guide

Food for weight loss: are there foods with particular slimming properties? And how to use food to lose weight, given that it is necessary to feed ourselves to survive?

This last point is undoubtedly the most insidious for anyone trying to lose weight: you can quit smoking, but you certainly can’t stop eating . Therefore, even those who have a psychological addiction to food must deal with the need to eat. For this reason, learning to use food to lose weight, and not to punish or gratify oneself, is essential for eating adequately. And at the same time defeat the addiction to certain foods.

But to understand what is the food for weight loss, let’s ask ourselves: why do we eat?
We nourish ourselves to ensure the preservation, development and maintenance of the body in health for our body. The body assimilates the food we give it, and breaks it down into substances starting from the three macronutrients : carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Alongside these there are micronutrients (vitamins, mineral salts or macroelements) and trace elements, fibers and water . In addition to the intestines, the pancreas and liver help the body receive nutrition .

But what if the intestines, liver and pancreas have to struggle to get the macro and micronutrients from food? The metabolism slows down. On the one hand we receive food, on the other hand the body does not convert it effectively into energy because some substances we take make this task more difficult.

This happens for example when we ingest foods low in micronutrients, rich in additives, preservatives, emulsifiers and other “disturbing” substances . When we don’t get enough water. When we don’t get the right fibers that allow the body to synthesize some fats and some vitamins (such as K), essential for regulating metabolism.

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