Flat stomach in 7 days with Dr. Talib’s diet

Flat stomach in 7 days with Dr. Talib’s diet

You have often read those articles in which a journalist or magazine contributor follows a diet, usually weird, for 7 days to see what happens. Generally I don’t publish this news, but on Body + Soul I came across one of these experiments, and, since the diet is not crazy or difficult, even if followed by a famous model, I decided to tell you about it.

According to the journalist who followed her, in fact, the diet of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley allows you to have a flat stomach in 7 days.

The diet was in fact created by Dr. Nigma Talib , a famous naturopath and author of books on how to eliminate the signs of aging with the diet and balance the bacterial flora.

Judge the results from the photo I put for the article, which is precisely the photo of the journalist before and after the 7-day diet.

So let’s see together how to get a flat stomach in 7 days by doing a model’s diet. I anticipate that it is not a strict diet, but it has a secret: water.


Before breakfast.
Before drinking or eating anything else you should drink a liter of water. During the rest of the day you would need to drink another two liters.
Followed with coffee or tea with soy milk (200 ml) + a smoothie of a kiwi and a cucumber in 200 ml of almond milk with no added sugar and large hard-boiled egg.
Snack with another juice (or at least a smoothie). This time with citrus fruits (orange or mandarins) and fennel.
Chicken breast or turkey breast (120 g) or natural tofu (80 g) + a free portion of vegetables of your choice + a teaspoon of oil.
A slice of gluten-free bread or 2 rice cakes + a small, low-sugar fruit.
Snackwith a fruit or a soy or rice yogurt.
Steamed or baked white fish (140 grams), small portion (150 grams) of baked new potatoes or 50 grams of gluten-free bread, mixed salad or leafy vegetable dish (spinach, radicchio, chard, escarole), two teaspoons of oil all over. In place of fish, shellfish or molluscs or a protein lunch option are fine.

  • Only once a week is it possible to eat veal or beef or indulge in a gluten-free pizza marinara.
  • Optional snack with an extra dark chocolate cube or three almonds.


Dcomedieta’s opinion.

  • A larger amount of water must always be supported by a mineral salt supplement, to avoid an electrolyte imbalance.
  • Dr. Talib’s diet excludes alcohol, added sugars (ok stevia), gluten and dairy / cheese.
  • You should drink calcium water to avoid calcium deficiency and take a supplement, such as Saludynam twice a day.
  • In general, this diet is good as a shock treatment to deflate immediately: it is ok to follow it for 7 days or two weeks at the most.
  • It makes no sense to eliminate gluten forever if you are not celiac, nor to eliminate dairy products and cheeses from your diet, especially if they are of quality.
  • Anyone who wants to follow a flat stomach diet over the long term can try the flat stomach diet found here.
  • On the other hand, those with intestinal dysbiosis and irritable colon problems can try the specific carbohydrate diet or the low Fodmap diet. 

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