Fit for Christmas: tips not to overdo it

Fit for Christmas: tips not to overdo it

How to keep fit for Christmas and all the holidays until Epiphany? How can you avoid overeating, obsessing over food and your figure, ruining your moments with friends because of weight?
If you are among those who live anxiously during the holidays between December and January, here is everything you need to know to avoid conflicts at the table and live peacefully with food and your own weight.


Avoid empty plate syndrome.
The empty plate syndrome  is the urge to fill the plate because there are many leftovers, because we are pushed by others to eat more than usual, because it seems bad to us to refuse or because we see a lot of things at the table and we overdo it even if we are full.
In short: it can be triggered by many factors, some social and family, others gluttony.

How to avoid it? A very valid stratagem is to be more specific in our choices, evaluating with a more critical eye what we find at the table.
Let’s just taste a little of everything, and if something doesn’t immediately meet our taste, let’s avoid it.
Everyone has the of him. For example, I don’t like nougat very much. Nor various sauces. What’s the point of eating them just because it’s a party if I don’t normally appreciate them? 

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