Barbara d’Urso and party diets

Barbara d’Urso and party diets

In a recent episode of Afternoon 5, Barbara d’Urso tackled the goal of party diets. From the Lemme diet to the bubble diet, here are the most bizarre holiday diets to spend Christmas and New Year in shape.


  • Champagne diet. 
    It is a diet developed by Cara Alwill Leyba, who wrote a book on this topic. Leyba allegedly lost excess weight by drinking champagne, and by eating vegetables, fruit, whole grains, meat and fish. How does it work? Simple.
    By drinking at least one glass (maximum two) of champagne a day, the writer would have lost weight more easily by following a low-calorie diet, precisely because this unnecessary thing about the drink would have made her feel special, like a cuddle.
    And that would have made it easier to follow the stress-free diet.
    There is also a drastic variant to lose weight in just a few days: it is the Vogue wine diet. 
  • The diet of the cake, or Marie Antoinette’s diet. 
    The pie diet involves a slice of pie for breakfast. It is a great way to lose weight for those who love sweets and don’t want to give it up. Not only does it not make you fat, but it allows us to eat a dessert just when we can dispose of it more easily in terms of calories, that is in the morning. And this dessert can also be a slice of panettone or pandoro.
    I wrote about it in detail here.
  • The biscuit diet. 
    The cookie diet actually exists, but it’s a British meal replacement diet. It does include cookies, but they are protein cookies, and during the day you only eat lean proteins (egg whites, meat, fish) and vegetables with little seasoning. Or meal replacements are used.
    I’d say we can do without it, but for those curious, I’ve talked about it here.
  • The ice diet.
    The ice diet involves the consumption of one liter of ice to be consumed during the day. This would cause the body to burn calories to return to its 37 ° temperature.
    160 calories to be exact. I talked about it here.
  • The insect diet. 
    It is not a weight loss diet per se, but insects appear to be low in calories, high in protein, high in micronutrients. Nowadays there are many products based on meal of insects, larvae and crickets. Dcomedieta talked about it here .
  • The Lemme diet. 
    Ample space in the D’Urso program had the pharmacist Alberico Lemme, who proposed the recipes of his Food Philosophy to lose weight at Christmas. But, beware, these are not recipes present in the first phase of the slimming menu and to buy the products, including the famous Lemme panettone which looks a bit duretto, you need to be cadets. For those who still do not know the Lemme diet, I talk about it here. 

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