Fiber protein smoothie (meal replacement)

Fiber protein smoothie (meal replacement)

This fiber protein smoothie , very easy to prepare, has the characteristic of being very satiating and voluminous: one dose is equivalent to two large glasses of smoothie, to be used as a substitute for lunch or dinner for those who want to limit calories and lose some ‘ of weight. To give an example , the next remaining meal (lunch or dinner) can be based on a second protein with vegetables and a small portion of wholemeal bread or a fruit, while breakfast can include a fruit, two rusks with a little jam and an omelette of egg whites or light ricotta.

In this way it is possible to lose even a kilo a week without too many sacrifices , and increasing the daily fiber quota reduces the caloric assimilation .

Ideal for those who have no problem getting more fiber and for those who need to keep fat and cholesterol under control, but especially for those who have little time to cook, this fiber protein smoothie provides 300 calories, minus 4 grams of fat, 43 grams of carbohydrates of which ten of fiber, 23 and a half grams of proteins.

To make the fiber protein smoothie  you need 100 grams of lettuce, 20 grams of Kellog’s All Bran sticks, a teaspoon full of flax or chia seeds (about 6 grams), cinnamon, a pack of 150 0 170 grams of 0% Greek yogurt of fat, 100 grams of banana and 250 ml of water, plus half a teaspoon of Truvia (or other sweetener). First, the lettuce and banana are blended together with the All Bran, cinnamon and stevia and seeds. Then the Greek yogurt is added to the minced mixture, and the water gradually until a nice creamy consistency (drinkable) is obtained. To do this, a maximum of 250 ml of water is ideal.
Two ice cubes can be added to obtain a greater frothiness, and should be drunk immediately, sprinkled with cinnamon. Quick to make and tasty, this high-fiber protein smoothie will leave you full for at least 5-6 hours!

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