The Silicon Valley Diet: Here’s How Managers Leaned

The Silicon Valley Diet: Here’s How Managers Leaned

In America, this news has made such a hit that it continues to be talked about: the famous Silicon Valley , an American pole of innovation in the technological field, would have put its managers and IT professionals on a diet, obviously not forcing them but educating them to new eating habits? The reason?  Sedentary and highly stressful work affected the weight of employees and managers , especially at the belly level, with consequences for their health.
Phil Libin, head of All Turtles, would have lost over 40 kilos on the Silicon Valley diet, while Geoffrey Woo, CEO of Human (reads like this but spelled HWMN) would have founded a community known as WE FAST within Silicon. , where all the people who work there come together to lose weight.

Everyone who has followed this diet has lost weight, increased their productivity and energy levels, and reported feeling much better.
But what exactly is the Silicon Valley diet?
It is nothing more than a form of intermittent fasting, based on the 16: 8 model or eight-hour diet .
That is, you fast for sixteen hours straight, and eat whatever you want for eight hours a day. In this way, employees would be able to face business lunches or dinners without gaining weight, but losing weight. Some of them have therefore skipped breakfast (there are two ways to do it, skip breakfast or have it very late, or skip dinner), others, after the early days,

they have become so used to being able not to eat even for one or two days in a row a week.
Clearly, the Silicon Valley diet is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 
The same managers declared that they struggled a lot in the first days: the first day they could not stand up, the second they died of hunger by skipping a meal, from the third to the fourth day they began to feel less hungry.
Those who want to try this method may very slowly approach intermittent fasting, for example by fasting twelve hours : you have dinner early (by eight in the evening) and you don’t eat until eight in the morning.
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