Feet: how to take care of them

Feet: how to take care of them

Foot care is not just an aesthetic fact: having healthy feet is good for posture and joints. A few natural products and a few minutes a day are enough to treat yourself to a real moment of well-being.

Foot health

Having healthy and well-groomed feet is not simply an aesthetic habit, but a health requirement.

In fact, neglected feet , in addition to being unpleasant to the eye, are a source of various discomforts.When walking badly, the entire bone structure is affected: knees , legs , pelvis, back , neck, including the digestive system and even the dental structure. 

Among the problems that contribute to forcing the posture and the contact of the footbed to the ground there are corns , calluses , mycosis, which produce pain and therefore an unnatural way of walking.

DIY foot care

Taking care of your feet at home is easy, just a few tricks every day , and some extra attention once or twice a week. 

You can insert these gestures of love for yourself and for what our roots and our contact with the earth are in your hygiene routine :

  • scrub : prepare a simple exfoliating scrub with honey, sugar, oil and lemon, and use it once a week to eliminate dead skin that thickens the soles and heels and create painful calluses and cuts;
  • plantar self-massage : simple manipulations on the soles of the feet  stimulate peripheral circulation, improve the appearance of the skin, and have indirect benefits on the whole body;
  • massage with essential oils : what could be better than using essential oils while performing our foot self-massage? Choose oils that are good for your feet , but also fragrances that please your sense of smell, in this way you will be taking care not only of your extremities, but of all your well-being;
  • walking barefoot : at home or in the meadows, or on smooth stones, walking barefoot allows you to perform a massage on the plantar muscles, and to regain a more natural support of the plant and aligned with your physical structure;
  • foot baths with alternating hot and cold : these alternating showers, when combined with walks and bare feet on rounded and smooth pebbles, simulate the beneficial effect of the Kneipp path , beneficial for the health of the feet and also useful against cellulite ;
  • ventilated green clay packs : ventilated green clay restores the correct hydration of the skin, reduces swelling and disinfects tired feet, and is natural antibacterial. Contrasts the proliferation of mycosis and the development of bad odors. Just mix a little clay with water, place it on your feet, taking care to treat the interdigital space too, and let it act for at least 15 minutes, or at least until it dries. You can extend the treatment by covering your feet with a warm, damp towel. Once dry, remove it under lukewarm running water, and finish everything with a jet of cold water, and a massage with essential oils.

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