Famous conductor makes a diet of meat only: this is what happened

Famous conductor makes a diet of meat only: this is what happened

His name is Joe Rogan , unknown in Italy except as an actor, but in America known for being a famous radio host who is interested in diet and interviews doctors and researchers on the most diverse diets.

In his podcast there have often been very heated debates between vegans and omnivores, between doctors who talk about intermittent fasting and researchers who talk about eating low fat or drinking only liquids.

And in part, if you search for Joe Rogan on youtube, you will find clips from his program “ The Joe Rogan Experience ” that range from the paradoxical to the very interesting to the funny.

Well, it seems that in recent times this former comedian and host has been eating a meat-only diet.
Also known as the carnivore diet or the zero-carbohydrate diet, the meat-only diet is an extreme version of the famous paleo diet. Those who follow it basically eat only meat. I also wrote about it here.

What is the meat-only diet

It is a food trend that ranges from those who eat only raw meat to those who eat only certain types of meat (for example, offal) or those who eat only one meat meal a day.

Those who have followed it for a long time, speak of incredible health benefits, which however are not scientifically supported, including the disappearance of autoimmune diseases, weight loss, etc.

Joe Rogan therefore decided to test the meat-only diet on himself. The result has made the rounds of newspapers around the world, although it is not very promising.
In quite colorful words, Joe explained that the major drawback of the meat-only diet was the initial dysentery. He literally explained that he became so incontinent that he feared leaving the house.

Of course, however, that going to the bathroom all day is not pleasant, even if in two weeks he lost 3 kilos and in one month six. 
Not only that: Rogan suffers from Vitiligo, a skin disease that leads to pigmentation spots. According to him, his vitiligo would have improved a lot, but also the joint pain he had been carrying for years.

A doctor commented on Joe Rogan’s case saying to be very careful. The risk with a meat-only diet is to cause ulcerative colitis. In short, what was born as an experiment done for fun and curiosity could seriously damage health, but Rogan is satisfied with the experiment.

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