Excess of sweets, how to remedy?

Excess of sweets, how to remedy?

Are we at that time of the year between autumn and winter when the first feast of sweets is emerging, or are we still in the Easter period? From October to April, from Halloween to Easter, there are many occasions when it is possible to eat too many sweets.

But how to remedy the excess of sweets? In this article we see 5 tips to get out unscathed from occasions when we have eaten too much sugar. But first, don’t panic.

It happens to overeat for one reason or another, and the fact that sometimes this results in an excess of sweets is not a problem for health or for the figure if we then know how to fix it .


  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly after eating, using a mouthwash and cleaning your tongue thoroughly.

    The first thing to do to avoid problems with your teeth and mouth hygiene is to brush not only your teeth but also your tongue with a toothbrush. And use a dental floss and mouthwash at the end.

  2.  Avoid fats.

    Sugars and fats give our body energy. If we go overboard in sugars, our bodies will try to burn those calories by putting the fat aside… in the form of fat. Now, what do we want? We want the body to burn calories from an excess of sugar. So let’s make it easy for him this way, by avoiding eating too much fat for that day.

  3. Get plenty of vitamin C.

    An excess of sugar limits the body ‘s absorption of vitamin C. However, it is useful both for its antioxidant action, that is, it limits the damage of free radicals, and for the well-being of the intestine. So the day when we overdo the sugars, it is good to take a couple of citrus juices or water acidulated with the juice of half a lemon several times a day.

  4. Have a compensatory meal.

    A compensation meal is a correction meal that we can have after eating too many sweets or before. The ideal thing is to combine a simple dish of lean proteins such as grilled chicken, bresaola or baked fish in the doses of a pound of raw with only spices and herbs flanked by a dish full of vegetables, raw and cooked. , and an orange or other small citrus fruit at the end of a meal, or a kiwi or pineapple. In this way we make a functional and detoxifying meal that does not provide us with more than 350 calories.
    Same thing for the next day.Limit yourself to skimmed Greek yogurt, skim or soy milk, 2-3 servings of citrus fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, lean meat or white fish or octopus, grilled tofu for a day or two at most, in order to reduce calories and boosting proteins to keep metabolism active.

  5. Avoid sugars for the next two weeks.

    How long does it take to get the sweet taste out of your mouth? About two weeks, which also serve the taste buds to renew itself and the intestine to rebalance itself. Prefer stevia to sweeten and fruit as the only sweet note.

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