Erectile dysfunction, the food that works

Erectile dysfunction, the food that works

Erectile dysfunction, how to fight it? Although I am not a man, I could not fail to give you this news, because I know that under stressful conditions many males can have performance problems, and above all I know that the internet is full of offers for pills and products that can improve them, but that they have significant side effects, are often produced under deplorable hygienic conditions and sold “under the counter” as non-prescription alternatives to the most popular brands. Furthermore, men who have erectile dysfunction problems often do not communicate it to their doctor , relying on a DIY which often turns out to be a waste of time and money.
This is serious for a reason: because even in the absence of full-blown pathologies, there can always be a “silent” cardiovascular problem. Or other. That is: the dysfunction can be a symptom of something, so it is good to rule out a few causes with two analyzes and a few tests instead of choosing the do-it-yourself.  

Finally, I thought about it for a while (in the end I write about diets, not erections), but the news I read this morning offers a very simple, figure and effective and above all natural alternative to the problem of erectile dysfunction. It also makes a lot of sense, and then I’ll tell you why.
The remedy for the dysfunction is a nice juice of fresh oranges or citrus fruits(I list other alternatives below), or a normal vitamin C supplement to be taken for at least a month. Plus another little thing that I tell you later.
What are the reasons why vitamin C fights erectile dysfunction (not linked to a pathological nature, therefore not linked to hormonal problems, heavy drug therapies for specific diseases, diabetes and serious cardiovascular problems: in this case the dysfunction is obviously an effect of the big picture itself)? Two, essentially.

Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant power , and in fact we need it every day, because its requirement increases after 35 years of age, and in particular conditions of stress and physical activity. You don’t need to take too much, so taking too much isn’t beneficial, but make sure you’re getting enough, especially in times of stress and fatigue. Thanks to its antioxidant power, vitamin C helps the immune system. The other reason is cardiovascular: vitamin C helps microcirculation and the health of blood vessels.
For people suffering from erectile dysfunction it is useful to follow these tips:
– Get more vitamin Cthrough nutrition, for example by taking a juice of fresh oranges or citrus fruits during the day and starting in the morning with a glass of water acidulated with lemon juice. During the day, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis, beets, red fruits and parsley are other important sources of vitamin C. The ideal is to eat them raw.
– take a citrulline-based supplement after hearing your doctor’s advice (or eat lots of watermelon in the summer!): This is not a miracle pill, but a simple non-essential alpha amino acid. You don’t have to browse which obscure sites to buy it, just Amazon or a sports supplement site.

– last but not least , reduce sedentary lifestyle and body weight if you are overweight or obese, because the extra pounds can worsen your hormonal structure, also damaging your sexual vigor.

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