Why can’t I lose weight despite eating little?

Why can’t I lose weight despite eating little?


Many people ask themselves this question: why can’t I lose weight despite eating little?
In this article we will see one of the main causes that lead you to gain weight even if you moderate at the table and the possible solutions.

1) Because you are not eating a little (not really): many people tend to underestimate how much they eat, even without realizing it. In particular, there are reasons why this happens.
– you eat a lot of industrial foods: the calories on the food labels can be wrong up to 20% of what is described and very often the portions suggested on the packages are much less than what we consume. The ideal would therefore be to focus on simple foods, such as vegetables, fruit, fish or unprepared meat, tubers and whole grains.

– you often eat out: when you eat out, even twice a week, eat in the canteen or order ready-made foods, you have no idea how they are prepared. In many cases, fats that we do not imagine are added to keep them palatable: for example, foods can be fried in a lot of oil, extra oil or other types of condiments can be added to vegetables and cold pasta. Searching the internet for the calories of complex recipes that are also eaten by friends or relatives, such as parmigiana or tiramisu, makes no sense. Often the calories are double what we imagine.

– we use the calorie counter apps badly or we don’t know how to dose portions: there is a big difference between a level spoonful of oil and a full spoon, a difference of about 30 or 40 calories. If we use parmesan and breadcrumbs in many preparations that seem healthy to us, such as vegetable balls or gratin dishes, these two items affect the calorie count of the meal. If we use apps to count calories, but we put complex recipes and not single foods, those calories can be overestimated by up to 30%: in particular, there is a difference according to the cuts of meat, there is a difference in the pasta. stuffed, in desserts such as homemade ice cream or cakes. Calories can vary by as much as 200 per serving!

– because we eat without realizing it: many people are convinced that they eat little, but they constantly nibble between meals, for example they put a piece of cheese in their mouth, they eat the topping of cakes or pieces of cake to avoid eating the whole cake, they nibble little things like a potato chip or half a cookie (or cookie crumbs) thinking this doesn’t affect the calorie count. A big mistake, alas.

– because calories are NOT everything: calories are a great tool for keeping weight under control, but, partly because of the enormous limitations of calorie calculation, partly because people do not pay attention to the quality of food, it is a lot It is also important to pay attention to how many sugars, fats and proteins we consume.

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