Eating healthy on holiday is possible (especially in this hotel)

Eating healthy on holiday is possible (especially in this hotel)

When we go on vacation we are always worried about changing our eating habits and whether it is possible to eat healthy .

It should also be said, however, that many Italians consider holidays as a chance to escape from everyday thoughts and stresses and therefore eating well is not taken into consideration at all because when you travel think about eating where it happens and exaggerating a little and on the other hand because you tend to look for cheap places with a tourist menu where you can eat plenty for little money.

Nothing could be more wrong: we do not want our children, already overweight due to lack of movement, continue to make mistakes even in the days of the year we have chosen to chase away all the bad thoughts of the year.

I’m not saying that we have to choose a destination to go hiking from morning to night but a dynamic holiday where you can travel and lose weight is certainly not a bad idea, indeed it is a way to teach our children that a more active life can only make us. of the good, it can improve our existence and also the way we live our body and mind.

How can I eat healthy if I go to the hotel?

I know for sure that many parents or young or elderly couples who still love to travel but have health problems ask themselves, before going on vacation, if it is possible to eat healthy in the hotel.

We must also think that at this point, if nutrition is important, it will be good to do some careful planning before leaving.

Also because there are many places where we can combine the holiday with healthy food and good preparations, such as at the Hotel Villa Claudia in Bellaria , an organic and vegan 3-star hotel, where you can experience the beauty of the Romagna Riviera by cultivating a passion for the food (thanks to the super chef Ramona) and good food with a full board in the hotel.

What does healthy eating mean to you?

I think that all of us, when we go to a hotel or on vacation, expect that the care of the rooms and the kitchen is excellent and that we can have the possibility of having a varied menu in which to choose what to eat freely, without having few choices or one and eat what is there.

This is very important to me because there is nothing better than choosing, as at home, what you want to eat while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet

Check that the structure is renowned for its cuisine, that the food is fresh and zero kilometer and that it takes care of intolerances, allergies and special needs of each family member.

Feeling pampered and enjoying a family vacation with attention to eating well and healthy food I think is the only prerequisite for happy and peaceful days. And if we combine food with a little sporting activity, it will teach our children that playing sports is beautiful, fun and healthy.

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