Eat healthy or suffer from orthorexia?

Eat healthy or suffer from orthorexia?

Orthorexia: an eating disorder considered minor compared to the more serious ones such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, but which is becoming more and more common despite the fact that the scientific community is not giving it the right “weight” .


Researchers cannot distinguish it from health tendencies , despite the fact that orthorexia is not harmless at all.
In fact, she risks ruining your life.
Let’s take a step back.

What is meant by orthorexia ?
It is about the fixation on food that is considered healthy and on a healthy way of eating.


  1. Divide food into good and bad .

    And even when you want the bad guy, you hold back because you think about the damage to your health. The consequence is that your brain does nothing but think about the food you are denying it , and by compromise you start cooking alternatives with ingredients that you consider healthy or lighter. And then you eat the light biscuits made by you, the light donut with protein powder, the light pancakes, the light cake, the pizza that is not pizza.
    Then, however, you binge.

  2. You never go out to eat .

    This is for fear that eating out means “giving in” to foods that you consider bad. The result is that you prefer to eat alone rather than eat with others.

  3. You spend hours thinking about food .

    By worrying about nutritional values, macronutrients, etc. The result is that you never stop thinking about it. So you get hungry more often. That you try to control more and more. And this results in stress.

  4. Blindly believe all the studies that confirm what you believe about food.

    This does not mean being objective, but choosing allies. And when someone tries to give you another perspective, you wipe them off your radar.

  5. You spend money on allergy tests that aren’t even scientifically proven.

  6. You waste time on blogs, pages, internet communities of people who share your thoughts.

  7. You have enemies to fight.

    Sugar, saturated fats, proteins. You may end up feeding yourself in a way that causes you serious nutritional deficiencies, but unfortunately consistency and orthorexia are not friends.

  8.  Food for you is not a pleasure, but a constant concern.

    In order not to feel alone in this concern, you try to convert other people to your belief.


Obviously, if you are orthorexic, what I just wrote will not make you hot or cold.
And I can’t even tell you it’s totally your fault.
On page two, I’ll explain why. 

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