Dr. Harvey’s 2-Day Diet

Dr. Harvey’s 2-Day Diet

Dr. Harvey’s 2-Day Diet or 2 Day Diet is a diet designed to stay fit at all times, including a 5-day Mediterranean diet and a 2-day reduced-carbohydrate diet.

The two days of low carb diet are precisely those that make up the ” 2 day diet “.
The idea is to stay on a diet two days a week forever, then eat Mediterranean for the rest of the time, and thus effortlessly control weight.

During the other five days we eat fruit, vegetables, pasta and brown rice, legumes, dairy products, meat and fish, wholemeal products, with the foresight to reduce sweets and industrial products and season dishes sparingly.

Dr. Harvey developed this protocol after realizing that her patients are gaining weight with other diets.

Of course we can use the 2 day diet even if we have eaten too much and are looking for a quick way to lose weight. So it can also be a quick diet to eat when needed.

In these two days of diet, which must be consecutive but which we can choose to do whenever we want during the week, carbohydrates must not exceed 50 grams in total , and for the rest we eat moderate proteins and fats.

Dr. Harvey’s 2-day diet is very similar to the 2-day Dukan mini-diet.


Diet scheme.
A cup of coffee or green tea without milk or sugar, two scrambled eggs with a teaspoon of butter or olive oil. As an alternative to two eggs: one egg and 50 grams of defatted cooked ham or bresaola.
100 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt or two tablespoons of cottage cheese and half a cucumber. 
50 grams of lettuce, valerian or spinach or rocket. 100 grams of well-drained tuna in oil with half a cucumber or 5 cherry tomatoes. As an alternative to tuna: 70 grams of smoked salmon.
A cup of coffee or green tea or herbal tea without milk or sugar.
100 grams of currants or alternatively 6-7 almonds. 
100 grams of chicken or turkey breast or 80 grams of minced veal or grilled tofu (no vegan burgers, the tofu must be natural).
100 grams of zucchini or broccoli or escarole. 50 grams of lettuce, valerian or spinach in a salad.
A teaspoon of oil in all. A little lemon juice or vinegar for seasoning. Free spices and herbs.
Konjac shirataki granted for one of the two days.
An herbal tea without milk or sugar.
* Stevia is allowed but no other sweetener.
Zero calorie drinks are allowed.

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