One Day After Christmas Diet by Dr. Flachi

One Day After Christmas Diet by Dr. Flachi

Diet after Christmas, is it necessary to do it?
Yes, says an expert. But sticking to a light plan of a day or two is enough to balance the effects of the Christmas feast. In fact, it takes seven thousand more calories to give us an extra kilo, reminds us Dr. Evelina Flachi , nutritionist and specialist in Food Sciences.

And unfortunately with the Christmas holidays people also gain 2 or 3 kilos on average.
Accomplices calorie desserts, elaborate dishes, various sauces and condiments, dried fruit snacks, alcohol, the holidays between Christmas and New Year risk compromising our weight.

But there is a solution, explains Dr. Flachi.
Just follow this diet after Christmas for a day or two.
The number of days depends on how much we ate.

If we have managed to support ourselves and not overdo it, we can go on a diet after Christmas of only one day, on December 27th. If we have exaggerated, let’s do it on December 27th and 28th.
And then maybe repeat it on January 2nd or 3rd.
Let’s look at Dr. Flachi’s post-Christmas diet in detail.
Alternatively check out Dr. Oz’s pre-holiday diet. 


A glass of skimmed or soy milk or a 125-gram non-fruit low-fat yogurt, coffee or green tea, a toast with a teaspoon of jam or alternatively a Gran Cereale biscuit.
No sugar, bordering on stevia.


A vegetable-only juice with a piece of ginger or a snack of raw fennel and cucumbers.

A plate of cooked vegetables or a portion of light soup with a teaspoon of oil and a tablespoon of basmati or wholemeal rice. A purifying herbal tea with sugar-free marian cardio.

150 grams of apple or two clementines.
A purifying herbal tea with cardio milk or birch or a cup of green tea.

A small portion of vegetable puree.
A plate of vegetables cooked with a teaspoon of oil, 100/150 grams of chicken or cod or 100 grams of veal slice. Half an apple or a clementine.
* The dishes should not be salty, if not minimally.
** Help yourself with spices and herbs.

Dcomedieta’s advice.

Going on a diet after Christmas with lots of homemade treats can be tough.
For those on vacation, I recommend going out and taking some relaxing walks, distracting yourself a little from the kitchen.

Another thing that can help us a lot, is to drink an herbal tea with a hint of chocolate and vanilla, sweetening it with stevia and a little soy milk. This is perfect. It does not make us feel hungry, it makes us stay away from sweets and above all it will make us natural to drink a little more.

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