Does the Kilocal work?

Does the Kilocal work?

Kilocal, how many have heard of Pool Pharma’s famous slimming product? And how many have tried to use it, to lose weight? Let’s start by trying to understand if the Kilocal works or not. And we do it by analyzing its main ingredients, and seeing if there is actual scientific evidence on their effectiveness.

Does the Kilocal work? Here are the main ingredients.
Kilocal in its classic formula contains inulin and cellulose (polysaccharides that act as fibers), Frangula, Senna and Cassia (they are herbs with a laxative action), dry extract of Tamarind and Pineapple, star anise powder, chromium and iodine, plus maltodextrin (sugars), Seaweed and Fructooligosaccharides (i.e. sugars). To these ingredients are added chromium and iodine.
As I mentioned earlier, the first three herbs are laxatives.Tamarind has both a laxative action and a mild slimming efficacy, however, demonstrated in studies on mice. Its antibacterial action is best known. Pineapple aids digestion, thanks to an enzyme, bromelain, which, however, after a first success in slimming products, has been more studied in relation to its anti-inflammatory effects. In an in vitro study it would appear to have effects on body fat formation, limiting it.
So the effectiveness of Kilocal would essentially stand on pineapple and tamarind, so we are talking about a product that is not very effective for weight loss at least according to studies on the matter, while more easily it could be used to help intestinal regularity and digestion too . due to the presence of star anise.

What about the other Kilocal formulations? The other formulations have other ingredient lists. The Kilocal Fat Burner, for example, has in common with the classic version of Kilocal the laxative herbs (frangula, cassia, senna), Guarana which is an excited substance, like green coffee, but which exactly like green coffee has not turned out significant in weight loss studies. Also contains Coleus forskohlii, which is actually useful for those with high triglycerides and high blood pressure, but not for losing weight or maintaining body weight. I am also struck by the wide use of gums, such as Guar and acacia, which can be effective in increasing the sense of satiety, but are contraindicated in those suffering from intestinal problems such as irritable colon. In short, there is something here between an increased sense of satiety and a possible reduction in triglycerides, but those ingredients that should increase metabolism and promote weight loss, such as green coffee and forskolin, have proved ineffective.

So Kilocal works more for intestinal regularity and digestion than as a slimming product . While Kilocal fat burner may be useful in those suffering from high triglycerides, Guarana and green coffee can cause rapid heartbeat and insomnia, and increase the sense of fatigue and irritability. Furthermore, extreme attention must be paid to those with irritable bowel problems: gums and fruit sugars could create fermentation phenomena.

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