Diet in August: why NOT to do it according to the doctor

Diet in August: why NOT to do it according to the doctor

On a diet in August? Better not, explains Dr. Ciro Vestita , dietician and phytotherapist. And there are two reasons why it is best to avoid dieting in August. The first is that the diet would be less effective in summer heat than in winter: in fact, fewer calories are consumed in August because the body burns less energy to maintain its body temperature (thermogenesis). It is therefore useless to diet during the summer: if the body burns fewer calories, a diet will be less effective in summer than in winter. So better to postpone the first cold.
Same thing American doctors say: nutritionist Sharon Palmer explains that in the summer, with the heat,the body burns at least ten percent fewer calories. So the metabolism slows down.
And if it’s slower, going on a diet worsens the situation, and worse, the results don’t come.
With the sultry heat, he also explains, people tend to move less, and to stay indoors if the outside environment is too hot and even humid.
The second reason would be psychological: in the summer we want to relieve stress, not increase it, and we are less inclined to make sacrifices. But certainly no one wants to gain weight in the summer, when with light clothes and costumes they would like to see themselves at their best. A solution according to the dietician Vestita exists.

1) Walking in the water, by the sea:
 a simple exercise that, by applying the resistance of the water against our body weight, allows us to burn more calories than a simple walk.
2) Yes to lots of raw vegetables and seasonal fruit. We prefer more fruit and vegetables and keep the portions of the rest of the food under control. Easier thing in August, between watermelon, melon, fresh vegetables.  Cucumbers, courgettes and watermelons are in fact the foods that according to the doctor are preferred, for snacks and summer dishes.

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