Does having breakfast make you fat?

Does having breakfast make you fat?

new study from Monash University seems to dispel the myth of breakfast as the important meal of the day. I had already talked extensively about the topic of breakfast as the most important meal of the day here , but I come back after this study reveals that skipping breakfast is an easy way to lose weight.

It is? So does having breakfast make you fat?
Let’s start with the study. The study from Australia’s Monash University analyzes thirteen previous studies on the importance of breakfast from a dietary point of view.
The result is this: if you want to lose weight, have breakfast or not have it, it makes no difference.

You lose weight if you reduce calories or increase your metabolism or if you burn more calories than you consume.

According to the study, those who eat breakfast are likely to consume more calories, and therefore can slow down weight loss. On the other hand, however, the fact that despite the risk of taking in more calories, there are no weight loss differences between those who skip breakfast and those who don’t make us think that those who want to have breakfast can absolutely continue like this even while on a diet.
In short, what the study says is not that having breakfast makes you fat, as the Italian newspapers are writing.

He says that for those who want to lose weight and are not in the habit of having breakfast, saying to add breakfast does not make sense, and it is not a strategy to lose weight.

In short: breakfast is good only for those who want to have it and already do it.
If one does not want to do it, it is not that he does not lose weight, or his health is ruined.
But it has also been seen that those who skip breakfast tend to eat more due to stress.
And another study pointed out that breakfast eaters typically have better insulin and carbohydrate sensitivity throughout the day. So much so that breakfast is recommended for diabetics. And abundant too. 

This is explained by the fact that we are not all the same .
If skipping a meal stresses you out, don’t do it at all.


If you love to have breakfast but want to lose weight, keep yourself under a certain caloric intake, which could be around 200/250 calories.

With 200 calories you can drink 200 ml of skimmed or soy milk (80 calories maximum), eat two rusks (about 70 calories), with two teaspoons of jam (about 50 calories), and coffee or tea with sweetener. Or eat a 125-gram low-fat yogurt instead of milk, better if I cry. Or 150 grams of skimmed yogurt (100 calories), a packet of pavesini (100 calories) and coffee or tea with sweetener.
With 250 calories you can add 100 grams of low-sugar fruit or 8 grams of dark chocolate or 8 almonds.

If, on the other hand, you are not hungry for breakfast , and you are hungry only for lunch, you can instead try intermittent fasting to lose weight , having dinner before evening, or have two meals a day and evaluate how you are.

Stress, understanding our hunger levels, avoiding stomach holes, in short, are all things that matter.
Having breakfast doesn’t make you fat and skipping it doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight.
In short, it all depends on how much we eat during the day.

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