Does black tea make you lose weight? A study says yes

Does black tea make you lose weight? A study says yes

In this blog I have often told you about the benefits of tea for weight loss : green tea, matcha tea, puher tea, oolong tea, are types of tea rich in antioxidants, which have benefits on carbohydrate metabolism, that is on the one hand they lower blood sugar, on the other they push the body to burn ingested sugars ( for example, this is discussed in this study ). In short, the advantages of teas for weight loss are a fact: the dried substances of the plant are released in infusion, and generally the caffeine supply is milder than that of coffee, and unlike coffee, it is released in the body little by little. Only black tea is the decidedly stronger one, and until now the particular slimming properties had never been ascertained. I say, so far.
Today is in fact the news that a team of UCLA experts would have found in black tea a particular property that other teas do not seem to have : black tea in fact has a particular microbiotic effect , that is, it acts at the level of the intestinal bacterial flora, providing some benefits. We now know that the health of the intestinal bacterial flora is a key element for having a more efficient metabolism and black tea would be able to nourish the good bacteria of the intestine, i.e. those typical of thinner people. This is because the polyphenols of black tea, unlike the polyphenols of other teas, reach the intestine, where they perform a more intense prebiotic action than that of green tea, nourishing particular bacteria known asPseudobutyrivibrio: more intense because the molecules of black tea, being larger than those of green tea, stay longer in the intestine.
Moreover, just like green tea, black tea helps the liver work, so it is also useful in the metabolism of fats.

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