Do you want to lose weight? Have a good cry

Do you want to lose weight? Have a good cry

On AsiaOne we talk about a study whereby if you cry from seven to ten in the evening you lose weight.

The article made the rounds of international newspapers. Too bad that the study does not exist. But at the same time the article is not a hoax.
Strange but true, there are studies on the topic “crying to lose weight”, although not recent.
According to Dr. Pete Sulack, having a nice liberating seedling from 7 to 10 at night makes you lose weight.


For this to work, the crying must be genuine, in short, it is not worth inducing crying or straining.
Sulack, an expert on stress, revealed that with his techniques he managed to make many people lose weight. In this regard, he recommends a supplement based on Rodhiola, Ashwaghanda and Cordyceps to help get rid of stress, if we don’t feel like crying.

This is echoed by an optometrist, Dr. Neufeld, who spoke in an editorial about the importance of “psychic tears”, that is, that liberating cry that allows us to free ourselves from dormant or repressed emotions.



The first to identify this link between crying and weight was a biochemist, Dr. William Frey , who in 1982 established that having a liberating cry to kill stress not only reduces cortisol, but helps the body get rid of more toxins. easily. In this regard, he suggested a tear-jerking or very romantic film, in short, something moving, which arouses emotions in us that lead us to cry.
Crying in the evening would allow the body to get rid of excess fat. Subsequent studies confirmed that prolactin and traces of other hormones released by the adrenal glands are found in the tears. In short, tears free us from the toxic effects of stress hormones.

This is what lies behind an article that just looked like fake news.
Obviously, what the biochemist was suggesting is not practical, I mean we can’t schedule a cry every night in an attempt to lose weight. However, there is something we can learn from the link between crying and weight loss. Or psychic tears , as Neufeld says.


To understand this, I will give you an example that concerns me. This last month I gained 3 kg in a flash, without changing my usual diet by one iota. Clearly I was a little annoyed with the weight I was reading on the scale. Consider that in the summer no one wants to find themselves 3 kg more without having done anything at all from the point of view of tricks and the like.

As I always recommend in case of sudden weight changes that are not justified by excesses at the table, the first real thing to do is not to panic. Not only do we make the situation worse, but panic leads us to do the first quick diet to get rid of the weight. I wondered what could have happened, and the answer was simple in my case.

I had to make three very heavy business trips, and one, the fourth, which saw me stay four days in the hospital due to the serious illness of a family member. While I was returning and leaving, I also had workers in the house.
I even ate less while in the hospital or on the road. But I was, as you can well understand, really anxious.
In the last month I will have slept an average of 4 hours per night. I had to work late at night on Dcomedieta, so after the hospital or the commitments of other trips I would come to disconnect from my pc at one in the morning.

Result? Stress, stress, stress. And on the scale plus three kilos .


Stress makes you gain weight, especially from a certain age, after 30-35 years.
Lack of sleep is another stressor and leads to greater overweight. In my case, it was enough to go back to everyday life, imposing on me for a while a much calmer rhythm, of walking and more hours of sleep. I tried to rest, I disconnected from work even when I did little, I saw some films, I stopped filling the day with so many things.
The three kilos are gone practically overnight.
About eight days after my last weigh-in, when I saw myself less deflated in the mirror, I went back to weighing myself and was back to my usual 52 pounds. Two weeks later the weight was still the same.

People, all of us, tend to underestimate how stress affects body weight : we accumulate fluids and swelling, digest less well, burn fewer calories precisely because our body is tired. Simply.
Anything we can do to relieve stress, even a cry, leads to weight reduction.

Before going on a diet , therefore, do a little self-examination, and ask yourself if you have been experiencing a stressful period, for how long, and how much. Especially in the evening, when cortisol (the main stress hormone) should be low, if you are stressed you will not be able to rest well: you will have the impression of being alert and attentive despite tiredness. Here, that’s cortisol.

At that point, instead of making the situation worse with a crash diet, try to get rid of stress: a funny movie, an afternoon “nap”, induced relaxation techniques, a walk outside, call a friend, let off steam. The supplements suggested by Dr. Sulack can also help you.

In short, you don’t have to cry every night, but choose 3-4 things that have a liberating effect on you.
Try this first, resting on one side and releasing tension on the other.
You will find that by taking care of your anxious and emotional side, the body will shed the burden of stress.

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