Do one minute of training a day to lose weight

Do one minute of training a day to lose weight

An easy workout that takes just a minute of your time?
Apparently it’s not a dream.
Just one minute a day of your time is enough if you are not very active and want immediate results: then after 2 weeks you can reach two minutes, five and finally seven minutes a day.
But how to lose weight by doing just one minute of training a day?

Well, it is a special metabolic workout based on Tabata training and created by a professional in the sector.

How to lose weight with one minute a day workout

the easy workout that takes you one minute a day

According to coach Meredith Shirk , founder of the Svelte company , beginners need just one minute a day of physical activity to start increasing their metabolism and losing weight.

After two weeks, you can then move on to two minutes of training. After a month, five minutes.
And then after 6 weeks to 7 minutes of training, the ideal according to Shirk to keep fit and remodel.

Meredith Shirk works with people who are elderly, or with serious health problems, or with people who are too busy to spend time in the gym. All customers who turned to her because they were out of shape, and found her ideal weight by spending very little time every day. Her method boasts hundreds of testimonials from people who, starting from a physical or time disadvantage, have lost up to 20 kilos with this method.

Shirk has thus specialized in programs based on an easy, high-intensity workout that can be followed by everyone without contraindications.

How to do one minute of training a day

Here is the easy one-minute workout that will give you the first weight loss results in two weeks.
Click on the links corresponding to the exercises to see the correct execution.

Warm-up: 10 jumping jacks + 10 bodyweight good mornings (without the barbell but with the arms in front of us going up and down) + 10 squat twists + 10 bodyweight good mornins.

  • One minute workout .
    You do 20 seconds at maximum speed per exercise followed by 5 seconds in which you quickly stretch your legs and arms.
  • FIRST EXERCISE. Twenty seconds at full squat jump speed + 5 seconds of stretching. 
  • SECOND EXERCISE : 20 seconds of mountain climbers on mat or on the ground at maximum speed + 5 seconds in which you stretch. 

    THIRD EXERCISE: 20 seconds of running with knees raised .

    End. 🙂

After two weeks, we can do two minutes of this workout here , where you see Meredith doing an easy workout (on the beach, but of course you can do it at home) in no time.

After a month, we will be able to do this 5 minute workout per day. 
In this case it is necessary to count 40 seconds per exercise and 20 seconds of pause and that’s it.

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