Australian mom puts Mel Gibson on a diet

Australian mom puts Mel Gibson on a diet

An Australian nutritionist, mother of two, was with her children and her husband at a restaurant when, guess what? He sees Mel Gibson . And she with extreme nerve she approaches him to tell him, among other things, that she finds him fattened and that if he wants she can make him lose weight. Mel Gibson, instead of sending her to that country, admits to having put on her belly and not being able to dispose of it. She, whose name is Samantha Jackson, called Sam, promises to be able to make him disappear in two months . And Gibson agrees to her, leaving her phone number.

The story that a nutritionist first meets at a restaurant and then puts Mel Gibson on a diet is unbelievable for two reasons.

One, that you cannot eat in peace at a restaurant that if you catch a nutritionist tells you that you need to lose weight,
 and I honestly find this worrying.

Two, that a person like Mel Gibson agrees to be followed, obviously without paying a cent but by advertising them in return, by a nutritionist he met in a restaurant .
Without knowing who he is, how he intends to do it, and so on. I also find this worrying.
He can lose weight in many ways, but you can’t rely on someone you don’t know about, just because he says he is a nutritionist and can make you lose weight.
On the contrary, choosing the right professional is essential for losing weight without getting it back. Otherwise it is a matter of luck, otherwise you do not know if you will keep the weight over time, otherwise you could ingest whatever you are told to take.

In any case, the nutritionist keeps what she promised. Gibson flies to New York, the two talk on the phone, and he loses 14 kilos with his diet (low carb and with two shakes, or two replacement shakes) and his intense exercise program. Waiting to see if after going on a diet Mel Gibson will keep the weight lost, which is fundamental, here is the nutritionist’s plan for him.


Breakfast: Omelette with tomatoes and chilli, coffee
 Zen Fuse protein shake, with whey protein, casein, probiotics and fiber
 Lean meat, two different types of vegetables (asparagus and broccoli, or spinach and mushrooms), one sweet potato
 Zen Fuse protein shake, with whey protein, casein, probiotics and fiber
 Grilled salmon or other fish of your choice with two different types of vegetables and a boiled potato.

And of course training every day!

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