Do intestinal disorders make you fat?

Do intestinal disorders make you fat?

A group of scientists found a correlation between extra pounds and intestinal upset for 60% of the sample involved in their study.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has started a study on a sample of people to evaluate if they have problems with bowel regularity. The study is interesting for two reasons.

The first is that the researchers managed to collect a sample of over 5200 subjects. The larger the sample, the more generally a scientific study is reliable. The other interesting thing is the criterion adopted.

The researchers involved all people of normal weight, underweight or afflicted with extra pounds but without any intestinal pathology: no irritable bowel, gastritis, ulcers, diseases such as celiac disease or other.
These two factors can help us interpret the results, which are quite surprising.


After having subjected the sample to a questionnaire, excluding all those who had more or less severe intestinal diseases, the researchers analyzed the data and this came out.

Over 60% of obese subjects suffer from chronic diarrhea , compared to those of normal weight or underweight. This chronic diarrhea could be the result of a low but constant intestinal inflammation that does not develop into any serious pathology or disorder, but which in the long run causes a slowed metabolism. Basically, the researchers explain, it would not be the diet that favors the extra pounds, but the problems of intestinal regularity.
And especially diarrhea.

Those in the sample who were obese or severely obese had more episodes of colic than those of normal weight or underweight. Even those who suffered from constipation. It is not the first time that a studio has dealt with this. As early as 2012, researchers found that obese people tended to be incontinent, or severely incontinent.
Those who suffer from this problem and at the same time are obese or overweight, in agreement with their doctor can try to eat a diet like the one we will see on page two

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