DIY version slim fast replacement meal

DIY version slim fast replacement meal

How to make a liquid protein meal replacement like Slim Fast or other brands?
It really is very simple, and it saves you money, because you can make it with common ingredients. In this article we will look at two recipes, one with cocoa and one with red fruits, which can replace the Slim Fast chocolate or strawberry substitute meal. Calories are 250 per meal and the meals can be used in a similar scheme.

RAPID LOSS SCHEME (about 1000 calories)
– A Slim Fast type protein shake with berries for breakfast, coffee or tea with sweetener.
– Lunch with 150 grams of white meat or lean fish, vegetable dish to taste with 1 teaspoon of oil.
– Snack with 125 grams of low-fat yogurt (Vitasnella type).
– Dinner with cruditès of vegetables (cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, raw fennel) with 2 teaspoons of oil and one of lemon or vinegar, salt and pepper. A Slim Fast protein shake with chocolate.

On page two, the recipes for a homemade slim fast substitute meal in 2 versions: chocolate and berries. 

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