Difficult to lose weight? Try the Syndrome X diet

Difficult to lose weight? Try the Syndrome X diet

Do you find it difficult to lose weight and every time you go on a diet, a trifle is enough to lose weight?
Naturopath and doctor Sandra Cabot says you may have Syndrome X , which is a metabolic syndrome problem, so you have a hard time losing weight.


In fact, as Syndrome X Calbot means an overweight associated with belly fat, problems with insulin resistance or high blood sugar, and maybe a little high cholesterol or a little high triglycerides.

Basically, people with low metabolism and a tendency to metabolic syndrome are for Calbot suffering from Syndrome X. In her book “Discover the Secrets That Keep You Fat,” Calbot explains how to lose weight even if your diets have all failed so far.

His method, or Syndrome X diet, recently made a comeback after singer Tom Jones said he followed this diet to lose 16 pounds in less than three months, despite being nearly eighty.

The Syndrome X diet is an essentially low carb diet without being drastic, which is divided into phases.
The advantages are that you don’t weigh anything and you don’t need to count calories.

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