The 15-day diet: how to boost your metabolism

The 15-day diet: how to boost your metabolism

There are times when one is in a hurry. Point!

So look for remedies that guarantee good results in the short term rather than the long term.

And then it is necessary to compromise.

After a nice article on ginger and turmeric herbal tea , which is a real cure-all for our whole body, from cooling to detox, today I would like to talk to you about the 15-day diet, a diet specially made to boost the metabolism .

But is it possible to lose so much weight, as this metabolic diet promises, in such a short time?

Let’s make it clear that this, which is also called the Plank diet (from the name of the one who developed it), is a lightning diet of those that are used to lose even 8-9 kilos in less than 15 days.

Is it possible to consider using this diet in the long term? I would say no, because it is a diet that has as its cardinal principle precisely that of giving a strong acceleration to the metabolism to ensure that our body, with a food shock, loses fluids and weight in a very short time.


But let’s see specifically this high-protein and also rather restrictive diet regime.

My advice, before starting to work with this diet, is to be very convinced but, above all, aware that this diet is designed for a specific period of time and that it cannot be followed as a maintenance diet.

Listen to me!

Let’s see the diet day by day together.

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Masal metabolism (BMR)
Sedentary – little or no exercise
Just Activate – exercises / sports 1-3 times / week
Moderately Active – exercises / sports 3-5 times / week
Very Active – demanding exercises / sports 6-7 times / week
Super Active – very demanding exercises / sports or physical work

The day-to-day diet

  • First day  Breakfast: coffee without sugar, lunch: hard boiled eggs and boiled spinach, dinner: roasted pork with salad
  • Second day  Breakfast: slice of bread with sugar-free coffee, lunch: veal steak and salad, dinner: cooked ham (without quantity limitations)
  • Third day  Breakfast: a slice of bread and coffee without sugar, lunch: boiled eggs and salad, dinner: ham and salad
  • Fourth day  Breakfast: a slice of bread and coffee without sugar: lunch: boiled carrots and black coffee without sugar, dinner: fruit (without limitations) and yogurt
  • Fifth day  Breakfast: black coffee without sugar, lunch: boiled fish with vegetables dressed with oil and lemon, dinner: a pork steak and salad
  • Sixth day  Breakfast: black coffee without sugar and a slice of bread, lunch: roast chicken without oil, dinner: boiled carrots
  • Seventh day  Breakfast: unsweetened lemon tea, lunch. pork steak with salad, dinner: one of the dinners of the week

From the eighth day onwards, resume the diet from the first day. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, without carbonated or alcoholic drinks. You can make small changes to your diet, especially if you don’t like to eat something but never overdo it with seasonings and with very little salt.

A metabolic shock with so much protein leads to a radical change in weight, almost one pound per day.


This 15-day diet, a diet in which it is possible to use a supplement to increase metabolism , is a restrictive diet, with a high-protein regime that serves to give a violent shock to our way of eating and to burn calories to make so that you lose weight and liquid in no time. The diet, however, as you well know, is to be managed and used for a short period of time, remember, it is not a maintenance diet that can serve to improve our lifestyle in the long term.

It’s a quick diet that helps you lose a lot of weight in no time. And it does it great.

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