Dietitian’s 15-day vegan diet: 3 kg away

Dietitian’s 15-day vegan diet: 3 kg away

Dietitian Juliette Kellow suggests a great 15-day vegan diet to lose 3kg, with a daily limit of 1200 calories , the right supplements and tips to boost weight loss.

Even in those who eat meat and dairy products or eggs, a week or two of a vegan diet is a way to give our body a break and purify ourselves by taking in more fruit and vegetables.
In particular, if you eat meat more than 3-4 times a week and if you have a tendency to also consume processed meats, such as sausages or cured meats.

But this 15-day vegan diet from Kellow can also be useful for those who are already vegan , but are looking for a quick weight loss plan that can go on for an additional 4 weeks. In this way, 5-6 kilos are lost in one month.

Those with more weight to lose can make a forward-looking choice by following a similar plan for two weeks each month, with another two weeks of normal-calorie nutrition.

In this way, 2-3 kilos are lost at the end of each month, but without slowing down the metabolism. And within 4 months, 10 kilos are lost.
The 15-day vegan diet consists of 4 main meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
Just choose one of the options for each meal.

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