Diet of Dr. Calabrese: example of a maintenance plan

Diet of Dr. Calabrese: example of a maintenance plan

Many people write to me about Dr. Giorgio Calabrese’s intelligent diet that I published for the first time here on Dcomedieta.

Doctor Calabrese’s diet, a diet based on a Mediterranean setting of about 1350 calories, is one of the most effective and appreciated diets among the readers of my blog and beyond. Many lose weight and find themselves very well with Dr. Calabrese’s advice, except for one particular.

What to do after losing weight with Dr. Calabrese’s smart diet?
In this article I will explain how maintenance can be done, which was not included in Dr. Calabrese’s intelligent diet as it appeared in the magazine Dipiù.


The maintenance diet that I recommend always and in any case incorporates Dr. Calabrese’s Mediterranean diet scheme, but beware: it was not developed by Dr. Calabrese, but it is my suggestion as a bio-nutritionist.
This also applies to Dr. Calabrese’s summer diet.

This is an example plan that I recommend following the smart diet.

Those who do not want to follow this maintenance plan after Dr. Calabrese’s diet obviously have two other paths.

  • The first is to buy Dr. Calabrese’s book, Slimming with the Mediterranean diet , where you learn to eat according to the rules of the Mediterranean diet that are too often underestimated or not followed correctly.
  • The second is to follow a 1500 calorie Mediterranean diet on a weekly basis like this one , then carving out the days of greater freedom from Saturday to Sunday. We track your weight. If we continue to lose weight we add something to the snack provided, for example 2 dry biscuits with low-fat yogurt or a fruit with low-fat yogurt and a square of dark chocolate after dinner.
  • Things to absolutely avoid on weekends: skipping meals to compensate. Better to have a light compensation meal like this. 
    On page three we see my example maintenance diet plan after Dr. Calabrese’s diet.
  • For those who want to lose weight in a more personalized way, they can be followed by Prof. Calabrese, who receives in Asti, Turin, Milan and Rome: here the contacts. 

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