Diet in pdf of D as a diet: the guides

Diet in pdf of D as a diet: the guides

On D come Dieta it is possible to access diet guides, all in pdf.

Some, which can be downloaded for free, include longer and in-depth articles, plus a few diets. Like Dr. Calabrese’s smart diet in pdf or the soup diet .

Others are real guides, for example nutrition during pregnancy or menopause .

In the same section, you can finally find the diet guides in pdf to download at a small price , because they are longer and more detailed, integrated with all the diets collected by topic.

The paid downloadable ones have an automatic download.

However, within 24 hours of purchase, you will also have them in email to the address provided during the purchase.
If you do not receive them, write to , check the spam or the validity of the address provided at the time of purchase.

The list of D how to diet guides in pdf is as follows.


  1. The 1000 calorie diets.

    Over ten diets and all the indications to lose weight with periods of strong low calorie. Some diets include a maintenance plan. Find the guide here for € 1.99. 

  2. The Diet for Menopause by Dcomedieta is a 100-page book with many diets for menopause. You can find it in print on Amazon while in pdf, at a much lower price, you can find it here at 6.99 euros.
  3. Natural Meal Replacement Diet for weight loss.

    Sweet, savory, mini-meal recipes with diet plans included from 1000 to 1500 calories plus maintenance plans. Find the guide here for 4.80 euros. 

  4. Plank diets.

    This is a guide of about 10 pages with 3 different Plank schemes including a vegan one, tips to avoid the side effects of the diet and 2 maintenance plans. Find the guide for € 1.99. Here .

  5. 1200 calorie diets.

    18 1200-calorie diets for all needs, with maintenance plans included, vegan and vegetarian options, gluten-free, practical options for those who eat out.
    At the price of only 3.99 diets for a pdf of over 40 pages well detailed. Here.

  6. Diets to lose weight quickly.

    This guide contains the diets of only nutritionists and dieticians who have developed food plans for rapid weight loss. There are 15 traditional diets and 3 mini diets. Find the guide here for € 2.99 .

  7. The soup diet, free pdf guide.

    This guide provides a list of low calorie and weight loss soup recipes, with a precise list of ingredients. Along with the guide, a diet plan. Find it here. 

  8. Diet in menopause, simplified guide in free pdf.

    Guidelines for correcting menopausal symptoms with nutrition and a better lifestyle, plus advice for the right supplements, both for weight loss and keeping fit. Find it here. 

  9. How to lose weight, the guide.

    This is a pdf that condenses other in-depth articles with specific diets for those who have the problem of bloating and fat on the abdomen. Find it here. 

  10. Diet in pregnancy, guide with dietary advice and exercises.

    This guide contains all the tips for the woman who wants to have a baby or is already expecting. How many calories to eat? How many kilos to take? What foods and in what quantities? Find it here. 

  11. Dr. Calabrese’s intelligent diet.

    D come Diet is the first site to have talked about it on the net. Here is Dr. Calabrese’s most famous diet in a Mediterranean key, in pdf. Here. 

  12. Dcomedieta’s recipe book of light desserts.

    Many recipes for cakes, muffins and low calorie spoon desserts or biscuits. You can download it for free here. 

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