Diabetic socks: how they work and how they can help you too

Diabetic socks: how they work and how they can help you too

Have you ever heard of the diabetic foot sock or compression ?

This type of therapy is perfect for all patients who suffer from diabetes and who unfortunately have problems in the feet and calves very easily.

Elastic stockings , such as those you can find on Relaxsan Shop , are therefore men ‘s diabetic socks worn precisely to improve circulation in patients who have various chronic medical situations such as diabetes or varicose veins.

They are also great for those who live at risk of developing blood clots and clots. 

The elastic sock for diabetic foot is a non-invasive treatment , therefore, a tool that serves to maintain the right pressure both on the feet and on the legs.

What are the causes of poor circulation? 

When you have circulation problems in the lower limbs, it is referred to as a condition known as venous insufficiency. 

Our circulatory system is made up of arteries that carry oxygen and blood throughout the body and veins that carry oxygen-free blood and waste products, both to the heart and lungs, for what is called recirculation.

The muscles of the feet and calves act as a pump to help the flow of blood to go back to the heart even at the expense of gravity. 

There are, however, people whose venous leg walls do not have as much elasticity and become weak. 

This can cause the valves within the veins to detach. 

These valves usually open and close to allow blood to flow in one direction. However, when these valves are not functioning at their best, they do not close well and cause blood to flow in two directions. 

This causes blood clots in the lower limbs and causes peripheral edema in both the legs and feet and ankles. 

How do elastic stockings work?

The elastic stockings. by compressing, they improve circulation in a gentle way, both on the foot and on the calf and also help the venous walls to work at their best. 

This compression is for the valves to open properly and allow blood to flow to the heart and then close to prevent the blood from going back in any way.

In this way the circulation works as it should and peripheral edema does not form. 

Elastic stockings certainly serve to improve the circulatory system but they are not just one size.

These socks, in fact, have a different type of pressure which is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). 

Some socks have very light pressure (between 8 and 15) up to a high compression (40-50).

Obviously the different types of compressions are chosen according to the severity of the starting situation. 

Always choose the sock based on what your doctor tells you, it is a very important choice and it is good to do it at its best.

How do elastic stockings help diabetics?

Anyone with diabetes knows that many are prone to developing venous insufficiency, as well as blood clots and edema. Wearing an elastic sock gives them more pressure on the foot and less pressure on the calves, which helps maintain better circulation in the lower limbs.

However, diabetics can also develop foot ulcers. Both small cuts and scrapes won’t hurt as much as the fingers are less sensitive and these injuries can become ulcers very easily. 

For this reason it is better to choose socks that are padded and not thin and sharp so as not to worsen, with scratches or blisters, the condition of the diabetic foot that is already compromised by a subtle and chronic disease such as diabetes. 

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