Day face cream: tips for choosing the right one

Day face cream: tips for choosing the right one

There are all kinds of face creams and choosing the right one can be really difficult: a jungle of products that confuses and piles up, confusing the ideas of even the safest and most convinced buyers. 

So here are the tips VAILO were looking for to choose the right day cream for you!

What is the day face cream used for?

The skin is the barrier that protects the body from all external aggressions and acts as a relief valve to allow sweat and excess substances, such as sebum, to escape outside. These functions take place constantly throughout the day and are regulated by the epidermis through the hydrolipidic film, a thin layer on the surface of the face that is formed by lipids and water. The hydrolipidic film prevents the passage of bacteria and other microorganisms inside the skin and, at the same time, retains the hydration and sebum released by the skin, so as to keep the face hydrated and soft. Cosmetics for skincare, like the moisturizer, they help to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, thus making it more effective in retaining skin hydration, and they give the skin essential nutrients to keep it more relaxed and elastic, such as collagen. Over the years, in fact, molecules essential for skin hydration, such as hyaluronic acid, and proteins important for skin elasticity, such as collagen and elastin, constantly decrease as their endogenous production undergoes a progressive drop. For this reason it is good to choose a day moisturizer that helps to regenerate the skin in depth, so as to counteract the sagging of the face typical of age. L’ Oréal Paris day face creams, available on the website of the French cosmetic house, help to moisturize the skin and revive it, so as to promote skin cohesion and give the face a younger and fresher appearance.

How to choose the right day cream

There is no face cream suitable for all skin types and all ages. Every skin, every age has the right product and it must be applied, in addition, in the right quantities. The moisturizer must primarily respond to the need for hydration, but obviously this function will differ depending on whether the skin to be moisturized is acne-prone or oily, sensitive or dry. The latter dermotype requires products with a rich and nourishing texture, while sensitive skin should be treated with soothing and anti-redness cosmetics, while acneic or oily ones must be hydrated with solutions that allow the skin to breathe and do not clog the pores (or you would risk seeing the presence of imperfections such as pimples and blackheads increase dramatically). In addition to the skin type, age also plays a decisive role: using a moisturizer that is too rich on young skin is strongly discouraged, because the skin should not be “over-nourished” in the same way, you cannot choose a low-bodied texture for mature skin (which needs useful elements to fight the wrinkles present and avoid the formation of new signs of aging). Little extra tip for the day face cream: it is better to choose one enriched with SPF so you protect your face from the harmful action of UVA and UVB rays.

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