Curcumin supplements: 9 cases of hepatitis

Curcumin supplements: 9 cases of hepatitis

Curcumin-based supplements are among the best-selling ones currently, thanks to slimming programs and advertisements that have made turmeric the new “superfood”. But, exactly as I told you about green tea extract supplements , news has now come that even these turmeric supplements are not harmless to health, especially to the liver.

In Italy alone, there have been 9 cases of acute cholestatic hepatitis , which according to doctors are related to the consumption of turmeric supplements.
This type of hepatitis is not infectious or contagious, but at the same time, the Ministry of Health is calling on anyone who uses curcumin supplements to stop treatment immediately.

These are the supplements currently subject to verification because they are reported by the authorities.
As the list is being updated, I personally recommend that you discontinue any turmeric supplement , even if it does not appear on this list.


  • Curcumin Plus 95% piperine line @ 18e590 NI.VA manufactured by Frama
  • BAI aromatic turmeric complex on behalf of Vitamin shop
  • Tumercur Sanandrea
  • Curcuma Meriva 95% 520mg Piperine 5mg Pharmacy dr. Guys, Malcontenta
  • MOVART Scharper SpA factory in Nichelino
  • Curcumin 95% Kline lot 18M861 NI.VA produced by Frama
  • “Good by nature” Colfiorito Curcumin Plus 95%, lot 18L823 NI.VA produced by Frama
  • Curcumin Plus 95% piperine line @ lot 2077-LOT 198914 NI.VA produced by Frama.

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