Crystal therapy, description and use

Crystal therapy, description and use

Crystal therapy is an ancient alternative therapy that uses the properties of crystals to restore physical and mental balance and promote the well-being of the whole organism.

crystal therapy

Crystal therapy exploits the properties of crystals to achieve a state of psycho-physical well-being. Let’s find out better.


  • What is c restallotherapy
  • Benefits of crystal therapy
  • How crystals are used
  • Where to buy the crystals
  • Contraindications


What is crystal therapy

Crystal therapy is an ancient alternative therapy that uses crystals , stones and minerals in order to achieve and maintain a state of psycho-physical well-being.


Crystal therapy is based on an assumption common to other holistic disciplines and traditional medicines according to which there is an energy imbalance behind a physical disorder or emotional distress.


Man would in fact be able to absorb the energies through the Chakras , access doors of the vital energy flow of the body, and to transform them. If the body absorbs negative energies or if imbalances are created, health problems arise.


According to crystal therapy, each stone is able to protect against negative or harmful energies , emanate purifying energies and modify the body’s energy balance, restoring physical and mental well-being. 


Often the removal of energy blocks through crystals is assisted by other practices including aromatherapy and Reiki . 


Although having no scientific evidence , the therapeutic principles of crystal therapy, also shared by Yoga, Acupuncture and Ayurveda , are not in contradiction with current scientific research. 


Benefits of crystal therapy

The properties of stones and crystals have been exploited for thousands of years and many of the most ancient civilizations , including Egyptians and Maya above all , used crystals during ceremonies, to divine the future, as a lucky charm and for the treatment of specific ailments.


Although the effectiveness of crystal therapy is not scientifically proven and its effects are attributed to the placebo effect , still today stones and crystals are used by many people who appreciate its benefits on a mental, spiritual, emotional and physical level.


The properties of minerals are mainly exploited for:

  • Rebalance the energies ;
  • bring well -being in case of stress , anxiety, agitation and other emotional states that can cause or aggravate physical ailments. 


The stones , entering into resonance with those who use them, bring serenity and help relieve muscle tension , pain , digestive problems , insomnia and other symptoms related to stress.


There are different types of crystals that are distinguished by color and properties , as they work on different Chakras :

  • The emerald is for example recommended to bring clarity in thoughts;
  • topaz promotes optimism;
  • rose quartz helps to get rid of worries .


In addition to differing in color, shape and properties and in addition to being associated with a Chakra, each crystal is linked to an element and zodiac sign .


How crystals are used

Crystal therapy is usually used by naturopaths , holistic operators who help those who turn to it to choose the right stone and use it correctly, but it is also possible to use crystals independently by choosing the most suitable for themselves in terms of shape, color and properties.


Crystals can be used in many ways : stones can in fact be placed on the body, kept inside a room or worn inside jewelry. Natural stones can be placed under the pillow to improve sleep, placed on the Chakra they work on during meditation or worn to infuse energy.


Generally, after use, the crystals must be purified under running water or in the earth, depending on the type of stone. If a crystal is broken, it can be returned to the earth by burying it in a vase or garden, where a plant can be grown.


Where to buy the crystals

Once you have chosen the most suitable stone or stones for yourself, it is important to rely on shops that offer pure and quality crystals for your purchase. BioVeganShop is an example of an online store that offers a wide variety of stones and crystals  in a completely dedicated section. On the site it is possible to choose both rough and tumbled stones and accessories to wear , which allow you to exploit the potential of crystal therapy not only in the meditative phase but also in everyday life.



There are no particular contraindications in the use of crystals, which can be used at any age and in any condition, even during pregnancy.

Like all alternative therapies, crystal therapy must also be understood as a supportive therapy for any traditional treatments and not used as a substitute for medical therapies.

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